About Me

I’m Hanna and I’m a bookaholic.

I started Booking in Heels back in May 2011 as a way to feel productive despite having to leave my job because of CFS/ME and Lupus. I didn’t foresee just how addictive book blogging would be or how many new friends I’d find (the human kind as well as the paper kind!) but I adore it regardless.

I chose the name because an acquantaince once told me that women were either ‘the bookish type’ or ‘the shoes type’ and I’ve resented him ever since. Books have been my life since a ridiculously early age and I’ve lived in heels and dresses daily since at least my mid-teens. Hence Booking In Heels – because I don’t have to choose.

Books aside, let’s see… I’m mid-twenties and I live in Yorkshire (pronounced Yawk-shuh), England. I obtained my Law Degree in Sheffield and was Called to the Bar in 2013. I love new charity projects and many jokes have been made over the years about just being a blur as I rush past people, but some people just thrive when they’re busy! 

So stop by, say hello. I love meeting new people!