July 2018 Wrap-Up

I’m very surprised I managed to get through all of these books in July, especially considering the length of some of them! 

Everything is chaos here at the moment – I start a new job in a new city on 14 August and I’m trying to prepare for that, as well as cleaning out and packing my possessions in order to move. It’s not going well. Many angry tears have been shed and many unintelligible noises have been made.

My new job has a library literally right next door though, so I can’t complain ๐Ÿ™‚

Why yes, there is definitely a fantasy theme to my July reading. I read The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series, because Charlotte told me how amazing it was and then I had to get the next book immediately.

At the same time, she was reading my favourite fantasy series, The Belgariad by David Eddings, and then I had a sudden urge to reread those as well… so I ended up alternating between series. I’ve currently finished neither series (understandably considering The Wheel of Time books are long and there are fourteen of them) but I’m persevering! 

I finally finished Wilkie Collins: A Life of Sensation, which I was reading as part of Alice’s read-a-long. I enjoyed learning more about him (and his multiple STDs), but I didn’t also need to learn more about everybody he passed in the street. 


The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1) by Robert Jordan
The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time #2) by Robert Jordan
The Dragon Reborn (Wheel of Time #3) by Robert Jordan
I love this series and I’m simultaneously annoyed and thrilled that I haven’t read it before. The first book is mostly scene setting, but the second is amazing. So much plot development and twists and… argh. There are some really great plotlines.
I didn’t review the third book because a) the reviews are probably going to start getting repetitive, but also b) I didn’t like it quite as much as the others. It was in the middle of frantic packing and throwing a strop-fit, so I possibly wasn’t the most impartial! 
Graphic novels
Super Mutant Magic Academy by Jillian Tamaki

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Pawn of Prophecy (Belgariad #1) by David Eddings
Queen of Sorcery (Belgariad #2) by David Eddings
David Eddings was one of the first adult authors I ever read. As a teenager, I devoured this series and his other books on multiple occasions, and so I was really concerned that they would stand up twelve years down the line. They do, they really do. The dialogue is still very dry and witty and, whilst I’ve now seen the same plot devices used in other books, it doesn’t matter as it’s still done well. I’m looking forward to reading the others!
I’d say that I enjoyed Ready Player One slightly less than I did on my original reading, but only slightly. I think I was so blown away by all the references to my favourite things that I wasn’t paying attention to the actual plot! There are a few holes and there is some shoe-horning in relation to a certain character, but it didn’t stop me from loving it overall.

Wilkie Collins: A Life of Sensation by Andrew Lycett 

Best Book of July 2017:

The Great Hunt (Wheel of Time #2) by Robert Jordan 

Despite the fact that I’m moving and I’m meant to be depleting my possessions, I have somehow still managed to accumulate eleven more books. I know. It’s space I don’t have… but hey, they were books I didn’t have! ๐Ÿ™‚
I bought The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn whilst reading the previous book and each time deciding I would absolutely need the next installment. On one such occasion, Charlotte accompanied me to Waterstones and, after rearranging the shelf to her liking, encouraged me to buy Across the Nightingale Floor too. Which I did, because I have no will power.
All the rest are from charity shops, aside from The Power (which I bought at 2am using next day delivery because I was that desperate to read it – which, naturally, I still haven’t done) and The Haunted Hotel, which is a Wilkie Collins novel that I heard about from his biography.
I’m particularly excited about Saplings, an adult novel by Noel Streatfield, the author of Ballet Shoes. I can’t even remember what it’s about but I know I want to read it!
August is my birthday month so it’s highly unlikely that there will be no books coming in… but hopefully I’ll have finished moving soon so I can justify books again. Not that my lack of justification matters, clearly!
What was your favourite read from July? Which book are you most looking forward to reading in August?  


  1. fredamans says:

    Congrats on the new job! I can empathize being so close, I literally live across the street from my job. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy August!

  2. Evelina says:

    Ooh! You got The Power! How I want to read that one. And hey, 11 is awesome. You got less than me! I got 16 xD and Amazon is throwing a huge wishlist sale on me today, so I think that about settles it with my next month… NOOOOOOOO xD ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. admin says:

      I did! I actually started it earlier today – I keep dipping into it to read a few pages before going back to housework. It's really good so far – a bit heavyhanded, but that's okay.

      I barely dare to click over to Amazon at the moment. There are SO MANY books that I want right now, that I'd just be tempting fate!

  3. Alexia561 says:

    Sorry to hear that things were so chaotic for you in July, but good luck with the move and your new job! I love setting up a new home, as there's nothing like a fresh start. And yay for a library being right next door to your new job! Happy Birthday Month!

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such…

  4. Ellie Warren says:

    Good luck with the move, it is so stressful. I think next time (which will be in the distant future) I'm putting money aside just to pay someone to pack and move everything. It sounds like bliss.

  5. Terra Hangen says:

    A move and a new job, wow, those are big deals. My favorite July book read is Lady Anna by Anthony Trollope. I am considering reading the 2 series you describe in your post today.

  6. Tina says:

    Good luck with the move and congrats on the new job! Just in case that I don't visit your blog again in August, Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful month.

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