Friday, 16 June 2017

Wilkie Collins: A Life of Sensation Read-a-Long

Life of Sensation Wilkie Collins biography book
I was so excited when I stumbled across this book in a charity shop recently. I'd been desperate to read ever since read-a-longing The Moonstone a few years ago, but I think it was listed on Amazon at a ridiculously extortionate price. Imagine my subsequent excitement then, when I found that Reading Rambo is hosting another read-a-long for this biography!

The timing is perfect - I've only had the book a few weeks and I was starting wonder when I was going to realistically read this hefty hardback on my own. Thanks Alice!

As this classes as my introductory post, let's answer some questions!

1) Where are you located?

The North of England. I live near Haworth, where the Brontes grew up and where Heathcliff spent far too much time sulking on the moor.

2) What do you know about Wilkie Collins already?

Not that much. I know he was a friend of Charles Dickens (or at least, I think I know that?) and that he had an interesting life, which is why I picked the book up in the first place. I recall some tidbits from the last read-a-long, but nothing concrete.

3) What have you read of his?

My first was The Moonstone, as part of the read-a-long. I've just checked and that was November 2013, good Lord. Oh, I remember now! I got all excited because it took place sort of near my house. I made a map and everything :)   

I also read The Woman in White the year before last.

4) How much do you love the cover of this book?

I have the somewhat more genteel gold shiny version, not the funky pink one, but I like them both!

I can't wait to get started on this. Click here to sign up.     


  1. Your cover is so fancy and proper looking. I am interested to know which best encapsulates the life of Wilkie (though I'm sort of hoping it's the one Alice has, with the ridiculous over-the-shoulder look).

  2. I like reading biographies of authors, especially favorite authors. Currently I am reading one about Anthony Trollope. What a great find you made.


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