Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Re-Read-a-thon is HERE!

It's re-read-a-thon time again, which means Bex has challenged us all to reread some of our old favourites for the next fortnight. You can see the rules and sign-up here.

Last time I managed to read two books, The Night Circus and Never Let Me Go, over the space of one week, so hopefully I can squeeze in a little more this time as the event runs for longer. Here is my proposed TBre-R pile:

Why yes, the photo is on my Pride and Prejudice shelf, but I'm not actually planning on re-reading it this time round. Persuasion, however, is on my list.

I've pretty much already decided to start with The Prestige, just as soon as I've finished the Agatha Christie I'm reading at the moment. I was making a mental pile when I couldn't sleep last night, and inspiration just suddenly hit. I love this book and I haven't read it since November 2011. This. Definitely this.

I'm never far away from a We Bought A Zoo re-read, so it's probably fairly cheaty to have this on here at all. Skimming through my own review makes me want to climb into bed with it, which is a) fairly egocentric but b) a sign of an awesome book. Maybe this will be second on the list. 

Chocolat will probably rank quite low down on the afore-mentioned list as I've read it many times and remember it almost verbatim. However, I do want to reread the sequel, The Lollipop Shoes, soon and I feel like I should probably get through the original first. And I do really like it, so hey ho.

It's not too late to sign-up! It's great to have an excuse to re-read without all those shiny new TBR books staring at you judgementally.

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