Hanna’s June 2015 TBR

This is just a little late but I’ve spent the last few days finishing off Battle Royale. Damn those kids take a long time to die. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it and it’s stuck in my head (because what part of gouging out a teenage boy’s eyes with your thumb while he tries to rape you isn’t memorable!?) but it’s quite long so I’m looking forward to reading something else.

June looks like it might be a bit of an easy reading month, judging from what I’ve pulled off my TBR shelves. I feel like I deserve something short so I might spend a day or two with those little black Penguin classics. I’ve yet to read any of them even though I’ve ended up with… *checks* eight. Oops.

Hey, I’ve just realised. All the books above were either bought for me as a present by my blogging friends or I bought whilst out shopping with them. It was completely unintentional, but there you go. 

I bought the little black classics, along with The Girl Who Fell From The Sky and The Peripheral, when I went to Chesterfield with Ellie and Katie last month. You can read the post if you’re really desperate for a play-by-play of our day, but otherwise just be thrilled for me that I found so many books on my wishlist IN CHARITY SHOPS, including The Girl Who Fell From The Sky. The Peripheral was a complete whim-buy, as I’m still latching onto anything that might be even vaguely reminiscent of Ready Player One. *strokes lovingly* 

I hadn’t actually intended to add The Haunting of Hill House to my pile, but it had slipped behind my double-stacked shelves and I only saw it when I moved a pile to grab one of the other books. I was instantly all ‘I FORGOT I HAD THIS AND NOW I WANT TO READ IT RIGHT NOW NOW’ and it’s beckoning to me from across the room. Bless Laura and her Halloween-themed Christmas package (she also sent Horrorstor).

What’s left? Oh, Rabid. Yay, let’s read non-fiction about rabies!!! Ellie bought me this for my birthday after pinching the only copy Waterstones Leeds had out from under my nose. In fairness, we do this a lot. See: Penumbragate.

And finally, Love Letters to the Dead, just because I’m in the mood for some fast and easy YA. I bought this while shopping in Leeds with Ellie and Charlotte, on the day the heavens opened and we literally couldn’t have got more soaked.

All these books remind me of the the times I’ve spent with my little group (and also the times I’ve spent opening their presents!). I love picking up a book from the TBR shelf and coming across an Amazon gift note or birthday card tucked inside. Makes me feel all loved and squishy 🙂

 What will you be reading this lovely, rainy June?


  1. Ellie says:

    Hannaaaaaaa! I'm still trying to reduce my 'potential holiday reading pile' down from about 100 books to a number I can carry and still have enough room for flipflops and T-shirts and a crapload of medication. Going round my bookshelves scouting out possibilities did the same thing for me as it did for you – "Dammit, I forgot I had that AND I WANT TO READ IT NOOOOOW!" Maybe I'll just work on finishing THIS book first. Maybe think about important packing like shorts and my passport first. 🙂

  2. The Haunting of Hill House is EXCELLENT – read that soon 🙂 The ending is great and the writing is wonderful.

    The Peripheral sounds amazing and if it's even half as good as Ready Player One, you're winning.

    When I saw Love Letters to the Dead, I was like "Oh, I remember Hanna buying that". Which was both great (because it was a great day) but also made me realise how long it's been since we book shopped. Soon, please!

    HEY, did I ever tell you that I found that Maximilian Ponder book in the library in my village? I borrowed it obviously but I haven't got round to reading it yet. I'm excited that I found it and that I *can* read it, though. I expect that I'll have to buy it once I've read it but I can deal with that when I get there. I actually also found and borrowed Symbiont. It's like you sponsor my local library or something!

    1. admin says:

      Oh, I forgot you'd read that too. If it's Charlotte Approved it becomes that much more appealing 🙂

      Well, it might not be. But anything that sounds even VAGUELY similar excites me. I admit that I have been bitten by this logic before.

      Yeeeeeaaaaaah, it's an awful book. Awful. I threw it across the room. Yes, soon! We can go shopping or go for dinner/drinks or both or whatever you want. Charlotte time please 🙂

      NO, you did NOT tell me that. Finally, somebody will be reading Max Ponder. It's only taken me THREE YEARS.

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