The Rereadathon is here!

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I’m running a bit behind with this, but better late than never! I spent most of the weekend at Big Camp 2015, which is where every Scout in our District (from the ages of 5-25) descends on the Yorkshire Showground to camp, abseil, canoe, make their Leaders’ lives a misery… etc.
Only I had to go home ill last night and then promptly spent literally 23 consecutive hours asleep (!), so obviously I haven’t got a whole lot of reading done. Never mind. I had a good time at the parts of Camp that I wasn’t ill for and I have plenty of time to read now!
This is my TBR for this week, which I may or may not decide stick to. They’re all books that I’ve been wanting to reread for a while and there’s a nice mix of genres there, so hopefully I’ll be able to read the ones I don’t get to this week before too long.


I was going to do a day-by-day running tally in true readathon style, but that didn’t happen due to a generally busy week and bouts of minor illness. That said, I can hardly call the rereadathon a bust.

I managed to reread two whole books, which doesn’t sound like a lot but I wouldn’t have reread anything if it wasn’t for Bex and her great idea. Plus, at the rate I’m going at the minute, it’s unlikely I’d have managed to read two books at all otherwise.

I’d always planned to kick-off the rereadathon with Never Let Me Go. It completely blew me away when I first read it a few months pre-Booking in Heels, but I wasn’t sure how it would hold up to a reread. Part of the point of the novel is slowly unravelling what’s happening the students at Hailsham and I thought that my pre-existing knowledge might ruin it slightly. 

It didn’t. This book is still amazing. It was interesting watching out for the early clues that I didn’t catch the first time round in my unknowning naivety. ARGH I LOVE THIS BOOK. I still think Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley are the wrong way round in the film version, but considering I’m unlikely to watch it anyway I don’t suppose it really matters.

I struggled a little bit trying to decide which book to read next, but then I opted for The Night Circus. Partly because it’s an absolutely beautiful book, but also because Bex bought it for me during Christmas 2011 (!!!) and the gift note that I’d tucked inside made me smile. It just seemed appropriate 🙂

It was surprising how little I remembered of the book though. I mean, I knew the overall gist – two duelling magicians set during a travelling black and white circus – but I’d forgotten how stunning and well-written it is. I’d also forgotten the somewhat dissatisfying ending, but let’s just gloss over that. 

My previous review of The Night Circus is here, but I’m planning on writing a more updated one shortly.

I really hope Bex runs this event again – I loved having an excuse to reread without feeling guilty that I’m neglecting my newer, shinier books! It is interesting that I last read both of these books in 2011, once again confirming that I seem to have an unintentional rereading cycle of four years.

Do you reread your favourite books? If so, how often?


  1. Bree says:

    good luck with your reading. Everything is going to seem like a light read after tackling War and Peace. I've saved every one of your W&P posts because I have true intentions of reading the massive tomb this summer and want to read your posts when I do.

  2. Bex says:

    I definitely plan on making it an annual thing, everyone seems to have had pretty much the same reaction. It's really nice to have an excuse to reread without feeling guilty! I might change the month next year though as it's been Dewey, rereadathon, Bout of Books and then Armchair BEA in a couple of weeks. Mental month!

    I always forget that I like the ending of The Night Circus less than the rest of the book, but somehow it still never manages to ruin it. I'm saving it up for a reread this winter 🙂

  3. Ellie says:

    I'll probably take part next time too. I just had a pile of library books clamouring for my attention this time around, which doesn't really put rereading at the top of the priority list. There are a whole bunch of books I'd LIKE to reread soon, and a year isn't really that long in rereading terms so I'm sure some of them will still be waiting next time the event comes around! 🙂

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