Sunday, 19 April 2015

The War & Peace Read-a-Long: Week Eleven

First off, a huge thanks to Charlotte who stepped in and pulled some great prompts together at less-than-short notice when I wasn't very well last week. Bless her and her generally-always-helpful-ness. Thank you :)

Secondly, WE'VE FINISHED WAR & PEACE!!! Well, not counting the Epilogue, which we'll have to read next week, but we've finished the book itself. Can you believe it? It's been eleven weeks, but we're finally here. I could actually do a little dance with excitement :)

Next week, when WE HAVE FINISHED WAR & PEACE, we'll do a little survey thing instead of a complete wrap-up post. I think I might do a proper cohesive review as well, but that is by no means obligatory and depends completely how sick I am of Tolstoy by that point.

This week's prompts (not many left now!):

1) Do you think the book ended in a funny place or did it seem like a logical place for the story to end?

2) How do you see the characters five years on from now? Will everybody get a happy ever after? 

3) Do you think Tolstoy is a biased narrator? If so, in what way?

4) Are you still enjoying this book or are you honestly just waiting for the damn thing to stop talking?


  1. Aww I didn't realise you were sick! Are you all better now? Woohoo, we finished! (Apart from the epilogues, but I might try and finish them today)!! I'm just about to write my post, yayyy!

    1. Thanks, I'm getting there :) Healthy enough to finish War & Peace, which is all that matters!

      Good luck!

  2. Thanks for keeping us together through thick and thin! Hope your week this week is a much better one!


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