Sunday, 29 March 2015

The War & Peace Read-a-Long: Week Eight

Happy War & Peace day, everybody! We're now eight weeks and we're so close I can almost touch it. There aren't many of us left, but if you've managed to persevere then you definitely deserve a round of applause. Only four weeks left and then you're free :)

1) What's the first thing you're going to read when you've finished War & Peace?

2) Do you think the Russians were right in abandoning Moscow or should they have stayed and fought?

3) What about Andrew/Andrey/Whoever? Do you think he's changed as a character?

4) Let's talk dream casting. Which actor/actress would you envision playing Pierre and Natasha if they made a new film version of War & Peace? 


  1. I have just finished week 7 and am hoping I'll manage to get in two week's worth this week! Week 7 was SO DULL!

    1. Week 7 was rough! I wish you all the best for Week 8, because it's more War and less Peace again!

    2. YOU CAN DO IT. This week's reading is actually quite short - it's a relief to me as well because I only finished last week's reading yesterday :p

  2. Thanks for putting up the questions week after week! I'm at a loss for #4 though - guess I'm never going to make it as a film caster :P


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