Sunday, 15 February 2015

The War & Peace Read-a-Long: Week Two

Can you believe we've finished Week Two already? We've finished three Parts of War & Peace and we're a substantial way through the whole novel. 

We've started to learn a little more about the war this week, although on the upside, at least there are fewer characters to desperately attempt to keep straight!

Here are this week's prompts. As always, feel free to either answer them... or not. Your call.

1) Do you feel that the tone of the novel has changed this week? Has that affected your enjoyment?

2) Do you feel comfortable telling other people that you're reading War & Peace?  

3) How do you feel about Helene and Pierre's marriage? Happily ever after or mildly doomed?

4) Should Marya have married Anatole or should she have stayed at home with her Father?

5) Andrei has featured in a lot of the war-related chapters so far. Do you think he'll ever make it to military greatness?


  1. I am still behind this week, argh! (Nothing to do with the book, more just having a week where I didn't really want to read that much - it happens!) I'm hoping to catch up today (Monday for me!)

    Can I also add that I love that there are questions to answer every week, it is so helpful!

    1. I'm with you on this - I'm behind too! I took a trip this past week so there went all my reading time! (I know, excuses excuses)

    2. At least you have an excuse, and taking a trip is a very valid one. I had so much free time last week and for unknown reasons I spent almost none of it reading!

    3. I'm behind toooooo! My only excuse is that it was Valentine's Day weekend so I was spending time with my hubby (which is a good excuse, right?)

    4. I'm glad you like the questions - I was worried they'd come across as condescending, but then I didn't want to ask people to draft a full-length post every single damn week! :)

      I'm behind too - my post only went up today, although I juuuuust got the reading done on time, finishing on Sunday afternoon. I've almost finished the whole of THIS week's reading today though, so I'm feeling pretty good!

  2. I agree with Jenny here - I am behind! However, I LOVE that you have these reading prompts!

    1. Haha, I think we were ALL behind last week for some reason!

      I'm relieved you like the prompts though - I wasn't sure at first, but it does seem to make life easier.


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