A rather large Book Shuffle and my (enforced) February TBR

The image on my left is approximately a quarter of my books, but the remainder will soon be in a similar state.

We’re currently decorating my bedroom (and making pain-stakingly slow progress) but that obviously means all my books have to be removed from my wall-to-wall, floor-to ceiling, bookshelves. Development isn’t helped by the way I keep picking up a book having forgotten I owned it, and sitting on the floor leafing through it for twenty minutes.

This is not a fun game, people! My bookshelves look so sad and empty without all the bright colours and interesting titles.

In a vain attempt to pick myself up, I’ve been pulling books for an unofficial TBR pile that’s currently residing on my bedside table. As I suspect I won’t be able to access my books for quite some time, I’ve keep apart the ones I might want to read sometime soon.

It ended up containing quite a large percentage of rereads and newer-bought books, but I suppose that makes sense considering those were the shelves I’ve cleared out so far.


The Black Unicorn and Wizard at Large by Terry Brooks
Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
The Prestige by Christopher Priest
Persuasion by Jane Austen
I read almost all these books at a similar time – either just before or just after I started blogging. I’ve noticed before that I seem to have an unintentional reading cycle of approximately four years so I suppose that makes sense.
The Terry Brooks books are the second and third installments of a series I began rereading after I finished Ready Player One and was in the mood for some epic-ish fantasy. It’s a rather pleasant series about a 30-something disillusioned lawyer who ends up purchasing his very own magical kingdom.

I’d competely forgotten I wanted to reread The Prestige until I noticed it on my shelf, which is odd considering how much I adored it. The film was good too although they altered it quite a lot. I suspect this book may be read sooner rather than later.
Peter Pan? Why not? To be honest, I don’t actually remember reading this ever, but I must have done because it’s part of the Children’s Classic Collection I’ve had as long as I can remember. It’s a short book and I have literally no memory of it, so it can’t hurt to give myself a little refresher.
Oh, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Club! I kind of connect this to 84 Charing Cross Road in my head because they’re both epistolary and contain similar tones of charm and general loveliness. In fact, looking back, I’ve read both of them within a month of each other every time I’ve picked either of them up.
Aaaaaand Persuasion. I can never decide if I prefer this or Emma, but never mind. I might reread them both this year as I’m in the mood after finishing (and falling in love with) Austenland.    
New books
I actually feel slightly guilty that there are so many rereads on this pile, especially as I’m trying to get my TBR down to 250 by January 2016 and rereading books won’t reduce that number at all. It doesn’t help that every newer book on here was bought in the last two months! Whoops.
Alright, so I took this photo a few days ago and I’ve actually finished Station Eleven already so this pile is one shorter. It’s amazingly underwhelming and I was quite relieved to have eventually finished it, but never mind. Naturally the person who recommended it to me and myself are no longer friends. Expect a Termination of Friendship Notice in the post, Chris.
This morning I’ve moved on to Wolf in White Van, although I can’t tell you much about it as I’m only two chapters in. It seems to be quite obscure, but it was suggested to me as having a similar theme to Ready Player One – virtual worlds and all that. We’ll see. 
I keep squinting at the tiny photo to see what the next book is… when I could literally just turn my head and LOOK AT THE DAMN PILE.
The Year of Reading Dangerously was purchased in the same batch as… well, alright, every other new book on here. I think it follows one man as he reads his way through fifty Important books as a way to make his life worth living again, but I could be wrong – I pretty much saw the word ‘reading’ and added it to my Amazon basket with a neary a look back.
I also purchased Redshirts as a way to lessen my separation anxiety from Ready Player One – not like I just bought every book on the ‘Something similar to this book…’ Amazon section. It seems to be vaguely similar to Galaxy Quest, so it could be fun, especially as (Star Trek reference looming) you know pretty much everybody in a red shirt is going to die early on.
Nearly there. Oh, The Rosie Project. Well I feel better now – I actually haven’t bought this recently and I’ve owned it for about a year. HA! I’ve never read a negative review of it and I’m trying to keep my reading light to act as a reprieve from  War & Peace (which I actually kind of like).
Finally, I added The Jewel to the pile last minute, actually rescuing it from one of The Bags of Doom seen above. It looks like a YA reproduction of The Handmaiden’s Tale, but I do love that book and I’m sure this one will be mildly less traumatising.

What are you hoping to read this miserable, rainy February?


  1. Good luck with TBR pile & decorating!

    I'm making my way through my bookshelves. I've had books sitting there for way too long.

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. admin says:

      Haha, that's my problem too – some of my TBR books have been there years. It really is time I sorted it out…

  2. Woohoo! Redshirts! I hope you like it. It sits next to Ready Player One on my shelf, and I love it. It made me giggle embarrassingly on public transport, so be warned. If you like Galaxy Quest, I think you'll enjoy Redshirts.

  3. Jillian says:

    Redecorating and reshelving are sometimes tough jobs for sure!

  4. I too recently moved all of my books around and it was a little bit like going book shopping without the spending – I had completely forgotten about so many of the books that I've owned for years, which was obviously a slightly shameful state of affairs but also a fun one so on balance YEY.

    I still haven't got round to reading The Black Unicorn and Wizard at Large. I really liked the first book in the series so I definitely want to read them but…haven't. Ditto 84 Charing Cross Road. And The Prestige, actually. But I've seen the film of that one already so that's probably at the bottom of the list for the time being. Or maybe the middle of a tremendously long list!

    1. admin says:

      Haha, that's why I ended up with so many rereads on my pile. I've spent ages looking at my TBR but not my own shelves, so it somehow seems as if those are the new books! If that makes any sense AT ALL…

      YOU MUST READ 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD. No, seriously. GO NOW. Do you own it?

      And the book version of the Prestige film is completely different to the book, although they're both amazing.

  5. Ellie says:

    "I keep picking up a book having forgotten I owned it, and sitting on the floor leafing through it for twenty minutes." DUDE, THIS. Every time I've ever rearranged my shelves or moved books in any capacity, THIS is the thing that's left me sweaty, pissed off and surrounded by heaps of books at midnight wondering where the hell the day went. It's just… how can you NOT?

    I still haven't read Peter Pan, despite it being one of the longest-standing books in my entire collection (I had a very old copy with Disney plates as a child, but I think the actual story had been amended. It wasn't all-out Disneyfied, but I don't think it was the original text either). I've had Redshirts since Katie recommended it, so must get on that soon. Also The Rosie Project, which I REALLY should read, especially because I have the pretty hardcover from the US and I've never even opened it.

    Who's Chris? EVERYBODY'S been recommending Station Eleven, so you might have to write out a few more of those notifications… 🙁

    1. admin says:

      I know, but it's FUN though! I love rearranging to my shelves to a worrying extent. Putting them in bags and sending them away is less fun, but at least I got a bedside TBR pile out of it. Plus I actually kind of love rereading, so it's not all bad.

      I feel like I MUST have read it, but I don't remember actually ever doing so. I've since noticed that Katie liked Redshirts, which is a huuuuuuge relief as I bought it completely on a whim. Still trying to recreate that Ready Player One magic 🙂

      And I think I might read The Rosie Project next, actually. I've been eyeing it up for right after I've finished this week's War & Peace.

      Chris is an Actual Real Life Friend. I know, I have some. I'm as shocked as you.

      Haha, it's not BAD. It's just not as good as I'd been led to believe :p

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