Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon 2014: Update Two

Hour Five- 5pm to 6pm
I've been reading:  A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass
Pages read since my last update: 67
Pages read altogether:  271
Hours spent reading: 4
I think I'll probably end up finishing A Mango-Shaped Space in the next hour - it's not very long and it's an easy read. Or it was until the very last page I read, when Something Happened and now I'm very mopey. Oh well, at least it was a good place to break off and write my update!
I'm getting tired now and a little disinterested - is that just me? I mean, my headache has almost gone and the book I'm reading is fine, it's just that I feel a bit apathetic. And whiny, apparently! 

Hours Six and Seven- 6pm to 8pm
I've been reading:  A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass and Dead Poet's Society by N.H. Kleinbaum
Pages read since my last update: 36 and 42 respectively
Pages read altogether:  349
Hours spent reading: 5
Books finished: 1.5
I did finish A Mango-Shaped Space, after a few minutes of running round the house looking for my cat to cuddle. Don't ask. I took a brief reading break to have my tea (chicken stew and pitta bread, if you're interested) and now I've returned to the read-a-thon with Dead Poet's Society.

It's a novelisation, which can sometimes be third-rate, but this one is actually really good so far. 

I feel more into reading than I did in Hour Five, so either the painkillers kicked in or the break did me good!

Show It Off Challenge

 I collect different editions of Pride and Prejudice and currently have 72 copies. You can see some of them above but the rest are covered with dustsheets we decorate my bedroom. I'm obsessively proud of my collection :) 

Hour Eight- 8pm to 9pm
I've been reading:  Dead Poet's Society by N.H. Kleinbaum
Pages read since my last update: 49
Pages read altogether:  398
Hours spent reading: 6
Books finished: 1.5

Aww, I really do like this book. It's really well-written, even if it does move a little fast. I'm definitely going to watch the film, even if the entire point of reading the book was so I didn't have to watch it!

This hour has gone a lot better than the others - I'm really into the book and I actually feel like a human being again. I managed 49 pages even while organising a group trip via Facebook - not bad going, right?  

Hour Nine- 9pm to 10pm
I've been reading:  Dead Poet's Society by N.H. Kleinbaum
Pages read since my last update: 75
Pages read altogether:  473
Hours spent reading: 7
Books finished: 2.5


I'd never seen the film or read the book before, so I didn't know any of the spoilers or what happened or... ohhhhh. Please read it, or watch it. Please.

I think I'm having quite a successful read-a-thon so far. I finished my heavy classic and read completely two lighter books, so I'm quite pleased. I've got my TBR count down to 319 (which you can see in the sidebar), so only another 19 books to read/remove by December 31st!


  1. Wow, that is a LOT of copies of a book!! Have you read many of the copies?

    1. I think I've read four of them... some are too heavy, too delicate, too pretty, too rare, etc.

      I tend to stick to the sturdier ones :)

  2. I'm with you on novelizations, but that one in particular would tempt me as well: glad to hear that you are enjoying it. It sounds like you have a great combination of books to keep those pages turning: keep it up! (I'm cheering for Team Marquez: happy read-a-thon-ing!)

  3. P&P is my favourite book of all time and I do have one edition that is gorgeous but I am so very impressed with your collection of 72 copies!

  4. It looks like you are doing GREAT so far!!! Three books is REALLY, REALLY great....way more than what I could finish :) I hope that you are having lots of fun. Keep up the great work!!


  5. God I'm shite at commenting and keeping up with everybody during these 24-hourers.

    Okay, first up, your reading stats are amazing given that you were about 80% dedded this morning. Second up, WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU WERE READING THE BOOK SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE?! Don't do this to me Hanna, that movie was a seminal part of my teenage love of literature and I hadn't wanted a teacher to by MY teacher that hard since Miss Honey. I may have to read the book now, I assumed a novelisation of the movie would be a bit crap but you've persuaded me!

    1. *be. Obviously. SSSSH IT'S GONE TWO IN THE MORNING.

  6. I hated the movie, but now that I think of it I bet I would like the book. The movie left me feeling manipulated, but books often convince me more.

    I have the Wendy Mass book on my TBR list, mostly based on her groundhog-day series. Happy reading!


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