Hanna’s Super-Fun Life Update: September 2014

I’ve ended up taking annual leave this week to deal with a few things at home and, as usually happens when I take time off, I’m ill. I swear I’m never ill during work-time…That’s alright though, I have books to read and tea to drink so I’ll survive.

Just one thing though. I work/volunteer at a charity called The Personal Support Unit, where we help those who can’t afford a solicitor or don’t want one for whatever reason. We’re completely free and can offer advice, draft documents, attend court hearings, fill out forms… etc. We do have to fundraise our own expenses though, so next week we’re doing a 10k Legal Walk. 

I’m going to leave the sponsorship link here, although please don’t feel like I’m pressuring or anything. It’s a charity that I feel very close to and that I owe a lot to so I didn’t feel like I could not mention it.

Sponsor me! 

Right Now I’m…

Listening to: Nothing. It’s getting to the point where I might just delete this question! A new-ish volunteer at the PSU (see above) asked me what music I listened to last week and I had to do the awkward, “Well, uhh, I don’t really… uh” thing that just makes you sound like a moron.

Reading: Ooh, I’m actually doing quite well this week. Let’s see, I finished Atonement by Ian McEwan (which I did not like), The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (which was a pleasant surprise), The Giver by Lois Lowry (which I’m amazed is a kid’s book) and I’m about to finish The Pirates! In An Adventure with the Romantics by Gideon Defoe (which was always going to be good).

I’ve decided that I must be at a TBR pile of 300 books by January 1st 2015. I can read books or throw them out, but any books over that total by that date will be removed. You can check my progress in the box on the sidebar to the right. 23 books to go!

Eating: Umm. I’ve been drinking plenty of fluids, so I’ve had a litre bottle of flavoured water and several cups of tea.

I’ve had a chocolate snowball too…

Watching: Nothing, although I did watch a few episodes of the US version of The Office over the weekend. It’s my ultimate favourite TV show and I can watch it anytime. It’s also absolutely nothing like the Ricky Gervais version, which is always a bonus.

I just spent so long looking for something to post there that now I’m dying to go and watch more of The Office!

Planning: for my job interview on Friday. I’m really excited about it as it’s a full-day interview with a group work component in the morning, and it’s for a charity that I feel really strongly about.

I’ve done some of my research and planning, but hopefully I’ll finish up tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Feeling: Do we really need me to whine some more? Do we!? 

My mood is going up and down today, but right now I’m feeling quite calm. Oh, actually no. My main mood for today is ‘grateful.’ I feel blessed that my current situation is better than it could have been, that I have friends and family that care about me and that I was able to take a week off to recuperate. I may have to write than on a post-it to remind myself every so often, but it’s true. 

Loving: My books. The Pirates! In An Adventure with the Romantics, in particular. It’s so light and fun – I’m pretty sure it could cheer anybody up.

Wanting: Hmm. What do I want? I want to get the job on Friday, that would be nice! That would be more than nice.

I also want to run out and spend lots of money on books, as is always the case when I decide not to buy anymore for a while!

Thinking: How lucky I am, again. It does seem to be a running theme of today, but there are worse themes, right?

Looking forward to: Seeing Lewis at the weekend and going to his friend’s birthday celebration. I’m also looking forward to the PSU’s Legal Walk (see above) and my interview on Friday.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Laura says:

    I haven't wanted to buy books for a really long time, and I feel like it's because I haven't been saying to myself 'NO BOOKS FOR YOU!' It's either that or the fact that I've been buying all the Shakespeare, and, you know, that's more than enough books haha.

    BOO for being ill, but yay for the week off! I'm off this week too, which basically means I've been laying around, doing nothing and actually getting paid for it… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (winning at life)

    1. admin says:

      Ahh, see I'm the opposite. If I don't pre-decide that I'm not going to buy anyway, I find that I've been purchasing almost automatically. They're on my shelves before I really even consider it!

      I know, life is good. I always forget to actually TAKE my annual leave though!

  2. Good luck for Friday!
    I'm always ill when I'm on holiday too, I think my body goes 'it's safe to self-destruct now'!

  3. Ellie says:

    1) You know what they say about craving things right – a little of what you crave makes it go away so you can get on with other things? If we meet up soon, 'a little' means you're allowed to play in a bookshop. Officially. 😀

    2) HA! I wondered why it all went quiet when you asked if I liked Atonement and I said yes and explained WHY. McEwan seems to be a love/hate kind of dude though, so I won't be too offended that yet again you've not liked one I loved.

    3) It has been FAR too long since I read a Pirates book. Where have they all gone?! They're not in the library any more and they're NEVER in bookshops. Arrrrrrr. (That's the pirate version of Grrrrrr, by the way.)

    4. I started watching the first episode of The Office on Netflix yesterday and I just… couldn't do it. Maybe it's the 'if I was in your shoes' thing I get so strongly, but I just wanted to curl up and die somewhere, especially for the poor receptionist girl. Oh, it was excruciating. I know that's the point but IT MADE MY SKIN CRAWL.

    5. For all the bad-week stuff… *smushes again*

    6. Off to check out your sponsorship page! Go research the shit out of that job, I hope you ace tomorrow and that the uber-interview format isn't too exhaustive! xx

    1. admin says:

      2) Haha, Charlotte liked it too so I just traipsed off into the distance with my sole dislike of Atonement. Sigh. Life is hard. No doubt there will be a suitably ranty review soon.

      3) I know, I had to order this one online. It was in the package that arrived the same day we last went Leeds shopping. This one seems to have more of a story than the others – it's still funny, but… plot. *confused face*

      4) NO NO NO. I actually know completely what you mean, but a) The Office gets amazing in Season 2 and b) everything turns out MORE than okay for the receptionist, I assure you. Please please please keep going. Oh, and I want to clarify that you're watching the US Office, not the UK one which is awful?

      6) Thanks. I'm researching now and it's actually really interesting! And thank you for checking out the sponsorship page as well.

  4. I've never really got into the US Office – I think I watched maybe the first episode but I wasn't keen so…*shrugs* I do however love Parks and Recreation so the gif made me happy 🙂

    Despite the fact that I really liked Atonement, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing why you didn't. And I cried like a baby at the end. I've seen the film too and then I really cried!

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! I'm sad that you've been poorly but hope it goes really well and that it takes the edge off!

    1. admin says:

      Arrrrrrgh, it gets better I promise! *cries* Although Parks & Recreation makes me happy also 🙂 I love Lesley Knope – she'd be my Patronus if we lived in Harry Potter and I had to cast a spell to keep the DEMENTORS AWAY!!!

      I'm on nice painkiller drugs, sorry.

      I spent most of it, especially the end, with a grumpy expression and wishing all manner of pain on Briony. Briony, is that her name? I agree with Ellie though, Ian McEwan does seem to be a love/hate kind of author.

      Thank you, I'm looking forward to it 🙂

    2. I'll try again, I promise! And my goodness do I love Lesley Knope – she'd make the best Patronus! Painkiller Hanna is the best :-p

      Briony is…not good but I love the book even so 🙂

      I finally got round to sponsoring you too and am only mentioning it so that you know because I wrote a message but then it occurred to me that you wouldn't get the email and I didn't want you to think that I'd forgotten, because obviously it's an amazing cause. Have a great time!

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