Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bout of Books 11.0: Monday to Wednesday

Books I've read from:  
The Dinner by Herman Koch
The 100: Day 21 by Kass Morgan
Pages read today:
  309 from The Dinner
  125 from The 100: Day 21 
Books finished today:
Running total:
  434 pages, 1 book (as of 8:27pm)   
Today #insixwords: 
Sarah J. Maas = best person ever.

So today is the first day I've actually been able to write a proper Bout of Books post, but I've had a fairly hectic week.

First off, Monday was the first day where I was sufficiently recovered enough to venture into the outside world... which I obviously celebrated by going on my driving test. As you do. I failed my first test on the 5th and the next available date was September 24th but luckily I managed to find a cancellation.

Considering I thought I'd failed before I'd even left the carpark (I didn't even take the handbrake off until it beeped at me), I was shocked when the lady told me I'd passed. I actually said, "What? Seriously?" with a critical expression, which can't have helped matters...

But let's focus here... I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST.

So we went out for a meal to celebrate on Monday evening and yesterday my boyfriend and I went to an open-air production of Romeo & Juliet. It was a wonderful company (The Lord Chamberlain's Men, I think) who perform traditionally with a small, all-male cast.
We took wine and a picnic and had an absolutely amazing night. I really recommend outdoor theatre and I'd especially join the mailing list for this company. Professional yet fun, I'd say.
So now we're up to today. I'm shattered but I just thought I'd pop in and let you all know how my reading is going. I finished reading The Dinner today, while standing in line to meet Sarah J. Maas in Waterstones. I'm going to write a proper post on that in a minute, but let me just say she's the nicest person ever. I was really thrilled with how thoughtful she is.
I loved The Dinner too, although considering how long the line was, I ended up wishing the book was thicker!

The 100: Day 21 arrived as a review copy today so it was right next time to me when I flopped over exhausted onto the couch. It's amazing how sometimes you'll just read whatever's in arm's reach isn't it? Anyway, it worked for me this time because I'm loving it so far. I was worried that I wouldn't remember The 100 well enough to enjoy the sequel, but it recaps itself really well. 

That's all you're getting from me tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully more pages read. See you all then!

What have you all been reading during this lovely week of bookishness?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL THE THINGS! On passing your driving test (and finding a cancellation so quickly), on being back in the outside world, and on author signings and being That Girl reading a book in the line. (I'm always weirdly fascinated by people reading in queues and on buses and stuff - not on trains, because everyone reads on trains - and for some reason it never occurs to me to just open my book and join them. I just sort of look at them enviously and try to see what they're reading.)

    You've read a ton already and I'm quite annoyed at myself because I HAVE BEEN INTERNETTING TOO MUCH, and also I'm glad you're here readathonning with us. *stops incoherent rambling and just hugs everybody and waves books around a bit* I should probably try to sleep better tonight, I'm talking CRAP today. :(

  2. Yeeeeah, I think you're underestimating how LONG that queue was. An hour in, most people were reading the books they'd brought to be signed, despite the fact they'd read them within the last week. I was there for two an a half hours, Ellie! :/

    I wouldn't normally read in a queue, also because it just wouldn't occur to me. Not like in the Post Office or somewhere. But when you're in a bookshop to get a book signed, surrounded by books and people reading... it does cross your mind :p I do read on buses though.

    1. *coughs* Ah. Yes, I would totally have been reading in that situation. A guy in the Harry Potter Studio Tour was there on his own reading a graphic novel on his iPad while we waited for our time slot to start filtering into the first screen room... you'd totally have been fascinated by him, right? WHO WAS HE? WHY WAS HE THERE ALONE? WHAT WAS HE READING?

      I would definitely read on the bus, except my journeys tend to be about ten minutes long and I have a terrible fear of missing my stop and having to walk further. Which for me, coming into autumn again, means Pegleg Returns. It's not attractive. :D

    2. Congratulations on passing your driving test Hanna! Welcome to the world of adult! (I say "welcome"... I haven't even started having lessons. I've got my eye on a driving instructor with a bright pink car but haven't had the nerve to call her yet...)

      Hehe I have totally been known to read in the post office queue! I can't read on buses though, makes me feel queasy.

    3. CALL HEEEEER. Seriously, it feels so amazing just knowing that I can legally drive. Also, I never thought I'd say this, but I'd really recommend a female instructor. I had a male one previously but he was awful and really sexist, but I really got on with the lady one later. Obviously it could just be co-incidence but I've heard others say the same thing.

  3. STUPID WORK MAKING ME MISS SARAH J. MAAS!! I have no annual leave that isn't for September or Christmas but STILL - stupid.

    Outdoor Romeo and Juliet with wine and a picnic sounds like the best evening ever, basically.

    I still haven't read The 100 but I still feel that I need to, especially now the sequel is out. I have my birthday pile out and nearest to me at the moment so that is what I'm prioritising :) Handy that you all have such great taste and that the pile is full of fabulous books that I'm *dying* to read!


      It actually was. I had little shruggles of contentment every so often!

      You do! I'm very, very impressed with the sequel and I actually think it may be better than the first book.I don't fancy the TV show much though.

      I know, I keep looking at my birthday pile too. There's so many amazing-looking books on there :)

    2. YEY you got one :) I didn't want to pre-emptively thank you in case you thought how presumptuous I was and then we had to have an awkward conversation! You're the BEST! Have I mentioned that recently?!


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