The Weekly Wupdate: July 2014

This is a new concept for me, but I’ve been feeling like I want to write a little more about myself lately but not really having anywhere to do it.

I know people like Laura usually do their updates on a Sunday, but I’m rarely home at the weekend so you’ll get my posts at some point in the middle of the week. Nothing like being vague, is there?

I’ve also stolen her format, which I hope she’ll forgive me for. Eh, she will. She’s nice like that 🙂


I’m off work today due to my ever-present stomach issues – despite which, however, this is my first sick day since I started work and I deifnitely couldn’t have gone in with the way I feel today. I am a little confused though. I never ever ever ever have days where I don’t have to leave the house and go do things, so I’m not really sure what to do with myself.

That said, I’ve got caught up on a bit of Life Admin and wrote a review (whilst clutching my stomach dramatically and occasionally being sick), so it’s not too bad.

I’d also really really like to finish The Goldfinch today because I’ve been reading it for weeks and I want to read something (anything!) else.

In other news it’s my birthday next week and then my driving test (oh god). I’m swinging wildly from desperately looking forward to it and wanting to be sick. At first I genuinely believed that it didn’t matter if I failed – hardly anyone passes first time, after all, and so my first run would be more of a practice… but then I realised I’d have to wait five weeks for another test and now I’m panicking.

Oh crap, that’s a week tomorrow.

Right Now I’m…

Listening to: Actually just traffic from the main road. I’m not really a ‘music person.’ Like, I’ll put my headphones on if I’m walking somewhere or tidying up, but I’ve had more or less the same music for about a year and that’s fine. Otherwise I’m quite happy to sit in silence and write a blog post (or something).
Oh, I have been listening to the Pimsleur Learn Russian course actually!

Reading: The damn Goldfinch. I feel like I haven’t actually read anything else for months, which I suppose isn’t exactly true. But we have been together 2.5 weeks, even though I took a break to read Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls by David Sedaris.

The Goldfinch is… fine. It’s just way longer than it needed to be and it’s much more domestic than her other books. Divorces, step-parents, trust funds… etc.

Eating: Heh, I’m rubbish at eating. I either devour everything in sight or forget to eat for days. This morning I’ve had… something? I’ve drunk some peach-flavoured water… Oh! A jam tart! I had a jam tart!

And now I have a family sized bag of Kettlechips. I can eat a full bag of these in one sitting. I have no shame.

Watching: I’m not really a TV person either. I can really only watch films and stuff when I’m with somebody else, otherwise I lose concentration and get bored. I’m always very conscious of the fact that I’m just sat there, blankly staring at a screen with moving pictures.

That said, since I’ve been ill I have actually been watching something… My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I know, can you believe it? I love it though. It’s obviously for children but then every so often there’s something slipped in there for adults too. Haha, don’t judge me!

Making: The Ninja Book Swap Blog! Alright, so it’s slow going as I’m just trying to fit it in around everything else, but we’re getting there. If you don’t mind us using your photos or you’ve got something to add, just let us know. We’d love your input, so follow us and comment away!

Planning: My new savings plan. I feel reasonably proud and grown-up when I talk about this, but then I’m very aware how rubbish I am with money and how it’s already gone wrong (I set up the wrong account; don’t ask) so I’m not counting my chickens.

I really, really want to have the money for a house deposit though as I’m 25 next week and it’s long past time. I’m working on it!

Feeling: Ill and hurty. And overwhelmed. I’ve taken on far too many projects and responsibilities, even for me, and now I’m starting to drown. The problem is, I like doing everything that I do and I don’t want to give any of it up! 

I work all day for various charities (three different ones) and then I come home to work on my transcription job, my reviews, my applications, the admin I do for a different charity, empyting my work inbox, replying to personal e-mails…

Don’t get me wrong – I love it, but I am tired.

Loving: Umm… It sounds rather tragic to say ‘nothing,’ but I can’t say that anything jumps to mind. Oh wait, no. I picked out my birthday present from my parents the other day, which is a handmade collectable teddy bear. What was I saying about wanting to be a grown-up?

Wanting: Some more kettlechips. And also, I really want to open my birthday presents from Miss Ellie that arrived yesterday and are beckoning to me from the kitchen cabinet. She has the neatest wrapping skills of anybody I’ve ever met, by the way.

Thinking: About the complexities of Russian vocabulary and that I should really tidy up in here soon because my Mum wants to put some things in the loft. I’m also thinking about what I’ve achieved today, which is quite a lot considering that I’m feeling crappy.

Looking forward to: My birthday and my driving test, kind of. Maybe I should say that I’m looking forward to having passed my driving test, whenever that may be. I’ve also booked tickets for an outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet, so we’ll go and have a picnic at East Riddlesden Hall and watch.


  1. erin says:

    thanks for the fun update! You've got a lot going on!

  2. Ellie says:

    Oh maaaaaan, don't tell me The Goldfinch is long and dull – I'm dying to read it! But I've been dragging my heels finishing one book which has left me way behind on finishing another which means I then have a race on my hands to finish a couple of library books which MEANS no reading Donna Tartt for me just yet.

    Also painting. All the painting. I swear to god, at uni people could paint their rooms in a day. NOT IN THIS HOUSE. There must be sanding and rubbing and filling in cracks and painting and repainting and edging and going up stepladders and falling off stepladders and painstakingly neat lines with tiny brushes and FUCK I JUST FLICKED A ROLLER-FUL OF PAINT IN MY EYE ABORT ABORT. You get the idea. It's going well. 🙂

    Thanks for the wrapping praise by the way. I learned from my mother, also an excellent wielder of gift wrap, and got plenty of practise at uni because my boyfriend was incapable of wrapping anything without it looking like it had been run over by a bus, so I did it all. Now… go eat Kettle chips. I've got a Domino's pizza order on my mind for today, all this painting's making me hungry. 😛


  3. Bex says:

    Yay for more Hanna stuff! How did driving test go?I failed mine once 5 years ago and haven't driven since…Totally planning to pass this year though (somehow??). I giggled quite a lot about your having eaten a jam tart.

    Also if Ninja Swap stuff is ever a problem you know you can just give me a shout/tell me to get off your back about it,right? I'm sure you know that 🙂

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