Monday, 28 July 2014


Best. Gif. Ever.

So, due to the fact that I'm 25 years old next week and I'm in a good mood today, I've decided to run a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY.

It's really simple. There are two prizes.

  • One person will receive their choice of a book I have reviewed. You can choose from either the Adult Books or the Young Adult Books.
  • Another person will receive a book of their complete choice from the Book Depository up to value of £10 or $15.
Examples of books you could choose:

To enter just fill out the Rafflecopter below. I will e-mail you the day after the closing date and let you know which prize you've won, but if you do not reply within three days I will choose another winner. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Happy (early) birthday! :) Hope you have an amazing day! I know it's only next week but you can never be too early.

  2. Early happy birthday :D That GIF is pure awesome

  3. Happy (super early) birthday dear! You are sweet for giving away presents for your birthday :)

  4. Happy birthday Hanna! Hopefully you get as spoiled by your family/friends next week as you're currently spoiling all of us!

  5. I always forget that I'm an old lady compared to you lot and then I see it on screen like this and want to cry...I'm 28 on my next birthday, Hanna. 28!! Bleugh. Still, happy birthday to you...:-p

  6. A big happy birthday! I'm running a giveaway for my blog's birthday as well, so come and check it out :)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, may it be full of shoes and books :)

  8. Happy Birthday, I would like to mention that for the giveaway I posted a comment on your review of the selection series but was unable to post under my real name


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