Top Ten Tuesday: Hanna’s Summer TBR 2014


Here is my Spring TBR, of which I have read 6 books (which is actually kind of impressive, for me).

I also love that there’s a 2013 and even a 2012 version of this list. The longevity of this blog never fails to excite me, much like this Top Ten Tuesday Topic. 

1) The One (The Selection series #3) by Keira Cass

Okay, so I don’t actually own this right now, but I will very very soon.

It surprised me no end when The Selection and The Elite made it onto my Top Ten Books So Far of 2014 list, but I really enjoyed them both. It’s rare I go straight through a series back-to-back, but I just couldn’t put these books down.

The One came out last week and, while I think the ending is given away by the title and the cover, I’m dying to get my hands on it. Shh, don’t tell anybody!

2) DEADLINE (Newsflesh series #2) by Mira Grant

FEED also made it onto the list mentioned above and again, this is the next book in the series.

As far as I’m aware, DEADLINE follows some of the lesser characters from the first book as they navigate a whole different range of trouble and corruption. I’m always wary of meeting new characters (I think I have attachment issues) but if this is even half as good as FEED, I can’t wait.

I can’t recommend this series enough.

3) Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Oh look, another book by an author I’ve already read. I’m seeing a pattern here…

It’s odd, but some of Ms Rowell’s books really appeal to me and others don’t in the slightest. I really liked Attachments when I read it last year but I don’t have a lot of interest in Eleanor & Park.

I am excited about Fangirl, however. This looks right up my street and I’m looking forward to curling up with my dog, a cup of tea and Rainbow Rowell. 

4) Houdini and Conan Doyle by Christopher Sandford

One of the most fascinating parts of The Secret Life of Houdini was the relationship between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The latter, despite his creation of the logical, rational detective, was a whole-hearted spiritualist who frequently visited clairvoyants and went on record to promote fairies, ghosts and mediums. Harry Houdini lobbied to criminalise charlatans and revealed his tricks to the public to demonstrate how they were just that – tricks.

Although the pair began as fasst friends, this eventually soured into a bitter feud. I’ve recently read Conan Doyle’s book about The Cottingley Fairies and now I can’t wait to read this in-depth look at their relationship.  

5) The Shining by Stephen King

I hadn’t realised, until I read Ellie’s review, that I actually knew nothing about The Shining. I just had a vague idea of a man sticking his head through a door.  

Like Rainbow Rowell, some of Stephen King’s books appeal and some don’t. Only more so. I have a kind of… anti-interest in Cujo, for example, and yet I adored 22.11.63 more THAN LIFE.

The Shining used to be one of the ones I looked past every time I scoured the charity shop shelves, but now I’m really interested in it. Blame Ellie.

6) The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente

After my recent success with The Selection, I’m in the mood for something quirky and light-hearted. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad review of these books and yet this has been gathering dust on my shelves for a while now.

I kind of feel bad because this looks like a book that just wants to be cuddled and loved, but I haven’t. Don’t worry Fairyland. I’ll love you soon.

7) A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir

I think it’s fair to say that Alison Weir may be my favourite historical fiction author of all time. Her novel about Lady Jane Grey, Innocent Traitor, completely blew me away although I should point out that Lady Jane is my pet historical figure anyway.

The only reason I haven’t read this book yet is because I felt a bit Tudor-ed Out but I’m back in the groove now. Even better, this relates to Lady Katherine Grey, a lady who I don’t actually know much about.

8) The Republic of Thieves (Gentlemen Bastards series#3) by Scott Lynch

I can’t believe I was so desperate to read this when it came out – I was marching round Waterstones looking for it and mumbling to myself when I couldn’t find it (there were at least seventy copies in the foyer, but never mind). The Lies of Locke Lamora was brilliant and so was the sequel, but I still haven’t read the third installment.

It’s partly to due with the size – I really don’t want to drag that huge hardback around in my handbag. It’s in perfect condition and more than that, it’s signed, so I don’t want it to get damaged either. Maybe I’ll wait until I take my week off in August but then I’ll get stuck in!

9) The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
I know, Bex, I know. I’m getting there!

I actually received this as part of the last Ninja Book Swap and considering that we’re halfway through the sending period for the next one, I really should get this read. 

This is another one that I was really excited about reading (and I still am!) but it just kept getting shoved to the bottom of the pile. So many books, so little time, right?

10) The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

I want to read this one off the back of The Moonstone, which a lot of us read-a-longed last Autumn. I actually owned this pre-Moonstone, which is why I should probably get my act together and read the damn thing.

I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Wilkie Collins so far (alright, so that’s only one book but it’s technically a 100% success rate) so I’m hoping to get to The Woman in White this Summer.

What’s on your Summer TBR?



  1. Hilde says:

    Ocean at the End… is on my summer list too – it's Gaiman so I don't know what I've been waiting for! I just read Red Seas Under Red Skies and I loved it so much. The moment I finished I wanted to dive straight into Republic of Thieves, but at the same time I want to wait because who knows when the next book will be out and I can't bear the thought of not having anymore to read in the series. Does that even make sense? 😀 Oh, and Fangirl is awesome!

    1. admin says:

      Haha, I've been feeling exactly the same way! I really do want to read it but then I a) won't ever get to read it for the first time again and b) I'll have to wait forever.

      I was quite lucky with this one actually, because I finished Red Seas and it ust happened that Republic was due out the following week and I had no idea!

  2. katenread says:

    Good list! I know a little about Houdini & Doyle, but I'm not familiar with Standford's book. Looks like a good choice. The Shining is my favorite of King's longer works, but I have a soft spot for hauntings. And I just finished The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It's simply lovely. Happy Reading!

    1. admin says:

      I find them fascinating separately, but even more so when taken together.

      Excellent! The Shining and The Ocean… it is then! 🙂

  3. 1 – I find your love of this series disorientating. I look at the covers and think "No, thank you" and I read a vague outline of the premise and also think "No, thank you" and then you say you love them and…I don't know what to do with that information!

    3 – I also super want Fangirl because I am wholly committed to reading everything by Rainbow Rowell. I think you might like Eleanor and Park but I'm not quite sure enough to convince you to read it. There's a lot about comics that I think you'd get more than me but equally they are quite teenager-y so…I don't know.

    5 – Also on my "want to read one day" list but I think I want to read one of Stephen King's books that's supposed to be scary but not unbelievably scary before I brave this one. I watched the first 20 minutes or so of the film *years* ago and I'm wary of trying to face it down again.

    7 – the image of you with a pet historical figure that you pat on the head and give treats made me chuckle at my desk! I've never read anything by Alison Weir but will keep an eye out.

    10 – read-along?!

    1. Ellie says:

      I get the Rainbow Rowell division, actually. I was stoked to read Attachments, I'm really looking forward to Fangirl, and I'm sure I'll love Eleanor and Park and Landline, but… their synopses don't appeal in the same way. Maybe because they sound a bit less quirky and fun, even though they probably are, just in a different way?

      Charlotte… maybe Carrie would be a good one to try? It's short, and interesting, and iconic, and you feel so sorry for the so-called 'monster' of the book that it stops it being as scary as some of his other books. Or one of the more scifi-esque books, like The Stand or 11.22.63 or Under the Dome? They're all huge though!

    2. admin says:

      1) Don't worry – it disorientates me too. The 'girl in pretty dress cover,' the twee girly concept… I know, I know. I was sat with Ellie going "It's just awful. But I really like it. It's so bad! But I really want the next one…" It's my next review to be written so maybe that will explain, although I doubt it somewhat.

      5) Like what? It seems to be that Stephen King's books are either terrifying or mundane with not much in the middle! I bought Cell last week which I think is something to do with a virus you get from mobile phones? That might not be too bad.

      7) Haha, I see Lady Jane Grey as some Borrower-type figure now, just ambling around my desk and climbing over pens, bless her.

    3. admin says:

      Ellie, Charlotte has read 11.22.63… it's YOU that hasn't!!! :p

      I actually didn't like Carrie all that much… *ducks flying projectiles* Sorry! I mean, it was enjoyable and fine but for me it just has a kind of 'meh' feeling.

      I agree about Rainbow Rowell – I'm sure the books are just as good but the plotlines just aren't as quirky.

    4. Ellie says:

      Ohhh, Charlotte's read it already?! *coughs and blushes* Well then, all is good! I know you didn't like Carrie that much, I stalk your LT sometimes. I also sit in a tree outside your house occasionally. I'M KIDDING JEEZ. I always find it interesting seeing how many books we have in common (you're at the top of my stats) but how different our views are on some of them!

      I have Cell as well; I was thinking of taking it on holiday but then I read Lisey's Story this month instead, so I'm all King-ed out for a few weeks. Oh, and I'm soooo very looking for The Selection next time I'm at the library. It was out last time I went. 🙂

  4. Hannah says:

    *sneaks head in* HEEEEERE'S HANNAH!

    "I just had a vague idea of a man sticking his head through a door." <- this made me giggle way too much! Great list up there, Han. You're going to love Fairyland. 🙂

  5. Ellie says:

    "I hadn't realised, until I read Ellie's review, that I actually knew nothing about The Shining. I just had a vague idea of a man sticking his head through a door." HA! Well, that's just guaranteed that that particular scene is NEVER GOING TO SCARE ME AGAIN. I shall think of you and LOL instead. 😀

    I completely flaked this time around, Hanna. I want to do this prompt, I do, but I've got less than three days until I go away and the potential reading pile's still sitting at about 50 books. They're right here in front of me giving me palpitations every time I look at them. Quite frankly, if I can't narrow books down for the next week, I don't stand a cat in hell's chance of picking ten for the summer. Damn you, Top Ten Tuesday Awesome Prompt, for sneaking up on me like that. 🙁

    1. admin says:

      Haha, I'm glad I could be of use! Is the book actually scary then?

      Do it when you get home? You could write the post without linking it up to TTT. Not that I just want to nosy at your list 🙂 Maybe I'll write it for you! Top Ten Books Ellie Must Read This Summer!

    2. Ellie says:

      Oh hell yeah! It's like every other King book I've read, it worms its way under your skin and then STAYS there, getting more and more unsettling until it's straight-up terrifying (in the best way) and absolutely impossible to stop reading. I might do a post-holiday summer reading list when I get home then, we'll see! Ironically it's given worse weather in Rovinj than here, I think, so I might get even more reading done if I'm stuck inside half the week. 🙁

  6. Sarah says:

    Don't read The Republic of Thieves, because then you'll be literally dying for the fourth book and as far as I know there's no date for that yet. The wait is killing me.

    And yay Deadline! I enjoyed it a lot- though as with most series, I think Feed is the best. But still.

    1. admin says:

      Ohhhhh, that's true. I hadn't thought of that. I lucked out last time because this one came out co-incidentally the week after I finished Red Seas!

      Hang on, there's going to be a fourth book!? I thought it was a trilogy and this was the end!? You've just made me so happy you have no idea 🙂

  7. Laura says:

    Ooooh, I love reading classics in the summer. And THE WOMAN IN WHITE IS AMAZING I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING OMGGGGG! (That's all I have for you where Wilkie is concerned. Enthusiasm!)

    Also, Fangirl is just fab. It might be my favourite Rowell so far, except Attachments……. Hmm. I might have to ponder this for a long time.

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