Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon: Read-a-long Chapters 5-9

So, I learned two things after writing last week's read-a-long post. The first is that apparently I have heard of this book before, as I was indignantly informed by a friend today, as she read it last year and apparently had a discussion with me about it.

The second is that I am apparently rather dim-witted. Almost everybody had the exact same 'obvious' theory that Helen = Lucy and I swear that that never even occurred to me once before reading all your posts. Now I can't get it out of my head and I think I've pretty much assumed that it's fact now. Well, fictional fact, but you know what I mean. If it's not right then hey ho, it's a nice twist.

I'm much more on board with Lady Audley's Secret this week, which is at least partly due to the lack of lengthy house descriptions. The story is underway now with actual plot and characters and things.

The grouchy friend mentioned above was surprised when I mentioned that it was such a short book because apparently it's not at all. I'm reading it on my Kindle so I haven't been able to assess the thickness of it properly, but the chapters seem to fly by. It's odd because, while I'm enjoying it, I wouldn't say it's riveting and yet I'm just whipping through it.

Right, let's see... George Talboys needs to get a grip. Whilst, yes, it is very sad that his young wife is (theoretically) dead, he did wander off to Australia for three years and not even send a postcard. Now he's too busy sighing dramatically and clasping his forehead to look after his own son. After a year of mourning, all he can raise himself to do is troop off dejectedly in the wake of his supportive friend.

The book ends right at the point where he's about to go meet the lovely Lucy, who seems to have been avoiding crossing paths with our George. Assuming it goes down the path we all (*cough* you all *cough*) seem to have deduced, I can't wait to see his reaction. 

No further mention has been made of the baby shoe that Phoebe stole, which is odd. In fact, the only mention of her at all was to point out how close she had become with Lady Audley. Did she change her mind about the blackmail? Has she secretly coerced Lucy into just pretending to be all chummy? WHY DON'T WE KNOW!?

That's actually kind of it from me. I love reading all your epic-length essays and chapter-by-chapter discussions but as always, I've left this post until the last minute and Hanna needs to slope off to bed. I promise that next week I'll make copious notes and bore you all to death with the detail. Good night!

Right then read-a-longers... what plot point did I miss this week?   


  1. "... apparently I have heard of this book before, as I was indignantly informed by a friend today, as she read it last year and apparently had a discussion with me about it." Oooooops. :P

    It IS a long book, in actual fact - 480 pages in my PEL copy, plus an essay at the back - but it didn't feel long to me the first time I read it either. It's one of the few books that I read AND enjoyed at uni, and managed to fit in alongside all the other reading and background research that week. Though that does also prove how slow I read these days in comparison, because no WAY could I finish it and do all the other stuff in a week now. I don't think, anyway.

    I wondered about the baby shoe too. I've read on further and it still hasn't been mentioned again. Weird.

    In more important news, NO MORE SLEEPS HANNA! NOT EVEN MANY MORE HOURS! :)

  2. I'm thinking Phoebe has "banked" the shoe for later. Say, Lady Audley decides to replace her with a different maid or Phoebe decides she needs money for getting married to her unbearable cousin.

    I, too, am surprised by how much book there is. The story seems to be racing by and I wonder how much more soap opera-ish it will become. Not that I mind!


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