Bout of Books 10: Wednesday

Bout of Books
Books I’ve read from:  
The Haunted Book by Jeremy Dyson
Pages read today:
32 from The Haunted Book
Books finished today:
Running total:
194 pages, 1 book   
Non-reading progress:  
Today #insixwords:  
Excuse me while I go whimper.
So yesterday I moaned a lot about how I was exhausted from my eleven hour day… bet that was fun reading for you all, right?
Here’s what I’ve been up to today:
9am: Volunteer work at my legal advice centre. It’s busy and I have case files to write up inbetween clients. I eat lunch at my desk because we’re so busy.
1pm: Walk to interview a prospective volunteer for my real job
2pm: Walk back to my volunteer job where I continue seeing clients, writing case files, rewriting indexes and doing general admin work.
 4:30pm: Head home
5pm: Eat
5:30pm: Do my real job (and personal) paperwork. This includes arranging to interview twelve new prospective volunteers, chasing up the volunteers who didn’t turn up yesterday, filling out my time sheet, assessing referrals, answering queries, checking a different application for my boyfriend, writing an application for a different volunteer post and attempting to clear my e-mail inboxes.
9:20pm: Write this post. 

Do you see a whole lot of time for reading there?
I’m exhausted. I’m at the point where I feel like something has to give because I’m just so tired all the time. I wish I had been able to read more this week, but the idea is to read more than you normally would and I’ve been making a special effort to read on the train, so that’s something!
Tomorrow I’ll be home around 3pm, so hopefully I’ll have some time to myself then.
Hope you’re all doing better than me! 


  1. Ellie says:

    Making an effort to read more than you would normally is basically the raison d'etre of this readathon, right? And you are DEFINITELY earning my medal of the week for managing to read any pages at all given how hard you're working! I hope very much that you get your 3pm 'Hanna time' break tomorrow. Now… go lie down somewhere and watch telly. For your sanity's sake. *smushes Hanna*

  2. Ellie Warren says:

    Oh Hanna! 🙁 Here I was moaning on the Other Ellie's blog about being hectic, but at least I've had time to read a little. I hope you have the weekend free at least?

  3. Elle G says:

    Busy days suck! Hopefully today goes better for you. Seems like it's been a rough week for a few BoBers. And now you have three very similar "E" names commenting. How funny. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie

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