Bout of Books 10: Tuesday

Bout of Books
Books I’ve read from:  
The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida 
The Haunted Book by Jeremy Dyson
Pages read today:
39 from The Reason I Jump
16 from The Haunted Book
Books finished today:
Running total:
162 pages, 1 book   
Non-reading progress:  
Seven trained volunteers?
Today #insixwords:  
So tired I could honestly die.
So today I worked for eleven hours straight and I do mean straight, so I haven’t had much time for reading. I’ve been training volunteers for the charity I work for, so that means travelling to the venue, setting up the room, training, tidying up, debriefing with the other staff and then travelling back. I am shattered.
I managed to read a tiny bit on the train but not a whole lot. On the bright side, I finished The Reason I Jump which impressed me much less than I expected to. I also began The Haunted Book as I was eating my tea but I doubt I’ll get any further with any reading today.

I’d actually planned to participate in both of today’s challenges but I’m pretty much just going to bed. Some read-a-thon, ey? Night all!


  1. Ellie says:

    THERE WILL BE NO DYING ON MY WATCH PLEASE, MISS HANNA. I hope you have a considerably less exhausting day today, and also do some nice relaxing reading because I need to know what The Haunted Book's like. Although, if you feel like lying comatose in front of the television I will allow that after the eleven-hour trainingfest yesterday. BUT NO DYING. *eyes Hanna and frowns purposefully*

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