The Valentines Ninja Book Swap Link-Up

If you follow me or Bex by any method, you’ll most likely have noticed us talking incessantly about the third Ninja Book Swap. We’ve had more people participate than ever before and we’re thrilled to be back and hosting!
Anyway, the parcels are out and the gifts are in! Well, for the most part. There’s a linky below so you can link up to your posts – who doesn’t love noseying at what everybody else received!? I know the international parcels may not have arrived yet, but don’t worry – there’s plenty of time!
We’ll be swapping again in June/July time. If you want a reminder when it’s time to sign-up, just e-mail ninjabookswap (at) outlook (dot) com.   
Oh, and a nod to Ellie for for thinking of the linky idea when we completely didn’t. At all.
So let’s link up our package posts, people! Wow, I’m good with the alliteration today… 


  1. Got my amazing book swap post today from Ellie at – what a wonderful parcel of book love !!!

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