The End of Year Reading Cram! Days 5 to 10

Days 5 to 10
Number of Pages Read Today: 475
Total Number of Books Read: 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5
Total Pages Read: 648
Books: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (22 pages) 
N0S4R2 by Joe Hill (453 pages)

Okay, so clearly this read-a-thon is not going well for me. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Charles Dickens, which means that my page count is crawling up ever-so slowly and I’m struggling to want to return to it. Then I started Good Wives – I’m not sure if I was grumpy when I picked this up or whether I should have gone for something lighter when I wanted a Dickens break. Either way, not so much with the reading. Then I picked up N0S4RU, but more on that later.

It also doesn’t help that I’ve spent my week either a) playing with a puppy, b) working in a frantic legal advice centre or c) you know, sleeping. I’ve been so busy and so the second I get home, I just want to drop onto my bed. Hello bed, I love you.

There are so many books I want to be reading (not to mention the amazing presents I’ve received from some of you lovely people!) that I just had to put them aside and pick up something better lighter. 
Enter N0S4R2. Oh my god, this book is amazing. I read 450 pages almost in one sitting, mumbling encouragement to Lewis that he should absolutely continue playing Dead Rising 3 on his Xbox One and no, I supposed I didn’t mind if he ignored me a little longer. Sigh. Life is hard.
Thing is, it looks like a festive book and it does involve Christmas. That said, I do think it would be better if you read it later in the year. I can’t really explain why without being massively spoilery, but trust me that July would be better. On second thought, I do want to talk about it with people, so read it now! 🙂

I will be more updatey from now on, I swear.


  1. Karen says:

    I'm sorry….I know you've had a rough week but I can't stop laughing at that adorable gif lol

    My friend has been raving about N0S4R2 too. I'll have to check it out.

  2. That's the best thing about boyfriends gaming and not appreciating how much you're enjoying the reading time – you get to enjoy your book AND look selfless AND take the "I'm sorry I've been ignoring you" attention later. Love it.

    Damn you and your N0S4R2 loving! At least I can buy it in the New Year and enjoy it in July when it's light and I won't scare myself silly!

    Also, I've REALLY started to get an urge to read that Ghost Hunters book that we both bought in Leeds so I think I might read that when I've finished the Grisha book. I think you'll like the Grisha book because the writing's pretty good and it's fun to read but it's not stand out unique so far…

    1. admin says:

      Best thing EVER. Plus it helps that every so often when I read (whether alone or with Lewis), I look up, stretch, sigh and snuggle back down. If Lewis wants to interpret this as resignation of the Oh-no-he's-still-gaming kind, more power to him.

      It's not scary really and I'm 5/6 of the way through or so. There are some creepy moments, but only a few and they're fairly mild. It's the quirky awesomeness that makes it… well, awesome!

      Funnily enough, I was eyeing up Ghost Hunters too the other day. Although I still have to finish Dickens and Good Wives. I envy you and your freedom from classics! :p

  3. Ellie says:

    That bunny gif gets me every time! I actually feel like that too at the moment – stupid crazy busy run up to Christmas. Dickens is not helping with that. He's successfully sending me to sleep every night after a couple of pages.

    I keep hearing really positive things about N0S4R2 without actually knowing anything about it. I think I'll have to check it out.

    Happy reading for the rest of the cram!

  4. I'm planning to get stuck into N0S4R2 in the next few days, once I've got to the end of my current read. Looking forward to it!

    Love the bunny GIF. This was very nearly me at work today.

  5. Ellie says:

    I WILL BUY THIS BOOK IN JUNE READY. Also, the bunny GIF is one of my favourites ever, so… *goes back up for another look and squeaks happily at all the cuteness* If it's any consolation, I'm getting knackered and ended up picking up The Coldest Girl in Coldtown instead of plodding on slowly through Opium. There'll be plenty of time for that AFTER Christmas… *sighs heavily and plods off to paintbrush-dust the top of a few more of the 4000 BOOKS THAT NEED DUSTING BEFORE NEW YEARS*

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