Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The End of Year Reading Cram! Days 3 and 4

Day Three
Number of Pages Read Today: 62
Total Number of Books Read: 0.5
Total Pages Read: 173
Books: Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott (52 pages)
A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (10 pages)
Reviews: 0 

Wow, this read-a-thon is not going great, is it?

We had a busy day at Court today and I spent most of the day filling out pupillage applications, although I did manage to fit a few pages in here and there. Then when I got home, I ate tea and then went almost straight back out to help a family friend set up an e-mail account.
Then I had a few Christmas related things to sort out... and now it's 11:16pm and I haven't written a single review or read much further. It's unlikely a review will get done tonight as I'm really very tired or tomorrow night because I'm meeting Charlotte in Leeds for food and drinks (which I'm super excited about!). Result = no time for reviewing but a very happy Hanna nevertheless.

Late last night I remembered that A Tale of Two Cities existed, scrabbelled out an update post and actually read some of it too. I was a little disconcerted today to realise it was only 13 pages but hey, that's Dickens for you.

I took Good Wives with me to work today and to be honest, I'm not enjoying it as much as I expected. It seems much, much preachier than Little Women and there's too much Jo. Although reading my review, I didn't like her much last time either!

Day Four
Number of Pages Read Today: 33
Total Number of Books Read: 0.5
Total Pages Read: 206
Books: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (10 pages)
Reviews: 0

Well I've learned not to take part in a read-a-thon and a read-a-long of a classic book at the same time, at any rate. It's really frustrating me that my word count just isn't going up!

That said, I am actually starting to enjoy the Dickens now. It's odd, because today is the day that I've had the least time for reading and yet somehow I ended up more immersed in A Tale of Two Cities than I have been at any point before.

We were busy at court today. Really, ridiculously rushed, to the point where I was pretty much standing in the middle of the office like a battleship commander trying desperately to juggle clients, staff and volunteers who really wanted a lunch break. How dare they.

Yeah, we all know I love this stuff. Still, after I'd written up the pile of case files that I had outstanding and tidied the office so it didn't look quite so much like a bomb had hit it, it was almost time to go meet Charlotte. Yay Charlotte!

We went for drinks and then to an amazing restaurant that Charlotte gets complete and total credit for picking. It's hidden actually underneath Leeds so you barely know it's there, but it's a huge buffet restaurant with lots of different world cuisines and a huge dessert selection. It also looks very fancy but it's reasonably priced, so hey - the best of both worlds!

And obviously it was nice to see Charlotte before Christmas as well. She's ahead of me for the read-a-long and she persuaded me that the story does start to pick up before too long.

Clearly she waved her magic wand somewhere during the evening, because I picked it back up during the evening and it does seem to be more interesting than it has been! Or you know, maybe it was the wine.


  1. YEY FOOD AND DRINKS!! I'm really looking forward to it!! We took a client out for lunch and I ordered a salad because there was no way that I was filling up on rubbish lunch when there will be much food to be had this evening :)

    I'm not going to my Christmas party anymore (what the whole having resigned thing...) so I've got this to look forward to tonight and then tomorrow evening to hide away from the world and read a book :) The end to my week is so much better than the beginning!

    And your "light relief" from Dickens is another classic? You are a crazy light relief is soul-eating monster YA! So basically the opposite end of literature, really! I don't know why I'm writing this when I'll see you in...*checks clock again* 3 hours and 20 minutes but there we are...

    1. It is indeed the mark of a rampant reader when we have to have 'proper books' and 'light relief', one offsetting the other for our reading pleasure. CHARLOTTE YOU NEED TO READ CHARLIE BROOKER'S BOOKS NOW. (He is my light relief at the moment, and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE.)

      I'm very jealous that you two actually live in the same city and get to meet up for shizzle without three months' advance notice. Maybe you could, like, put a ragdoll in a nearby chair and pretend I'm there as well? *ponders* Actually no, that's a bit tragic even for me. *snorts* >:(

    2. I love Charlie Brooker ALMOST as much as you do so I really *do* need to read his books! Really, really! OR buy them for Andy (who also loves him) as though I am a generous gift giver but then just read them myself.

      Also, soon you will have weekends free and then you can come too and eat all of the deserts and drink all of the wine with us! YEY!

  2. Yey me! Maybe the secret to Dickens is wine! Maybe his peers were so drunk all of the time that his little sections were published in whatever serial magazine thing they were published in and the wine-fuelled crowds went wild?

    It is much, much better now though. I mean, not so much better that I want to put aside the soul-eating monster YA but better! I think that one of the main reasons I'm enjoying the YA so much is that I feel as though I'm flying through it in comparison to A Tale of Two Cities. No more read-along-ing and read-a-thon-ing simultaneously!

    Incidentally, the more that I think about making getting Ellie and us in the same location for the next 24 read-a-thon might be the best idea ever. Obviously I'm offering a location and not just putting the idea out there and waiting for someone else to offer one so now I just have to work out how it might actually work...

    1. The secret to Dickens is definitely wine. Having half-heartedly read all of four pages this evening, I am now sure of this.

      I'm DYING to read something light. DYING, CHARLOTTE. When I finish this week's allotted reading, I'm going to read something fun. Possibly Feed! I only have about eleven pages left, but my pages are HUGE.

      It's definitely the best idea ever, I told you this yesterday! Well, we'd have to be in the same place with our own laptops (and books, obviously) and lots of snacks. End of. Maybe with sleeping bags?

  3. That restaurant sounds very cool! (It also sounds quite a lot like the one the three of us went to - same one? Different one?) Also I know what you mean about the page count thing - Opium is interesting but MAN you notice how slow-going books like that are when you're readathonning! Here's hoping you have a more restful weekend... :)


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