The End of Year Reading Cram! Days 11 to 12.

Day 11
Number of Pages Read Today: 230
Total Number of Books Read: 0.5 + 0.5 + 1
Total Pages Read:878
Books: N0S4R2 by Joe Hill (230 pages)
I am so tired I want to die. Melodramatic, yes. Innacurate, no.
What is ironic about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which as you can guess, relates to constant fatigue) is that it actually stops sufferors from sleeping. So you’re stuck in the middle, so bone-tired that you can’t function but still unable to sleep. Too tired to do anything, but too awake to be asleep.
Last night I slept for an hour before getting up at 7:15am to go work at Court. I had a good day, all told – a colleague that left a few months ago dropped in for a visit (bringing baked goods, no less!) and a client I’d been dreading turned out to actually be kind of reasonable. I managed to keep busy with projects inbetween seeing litigants so I barely noticed how tired I was.
Then, the second I walked through the door, the pain hit. Not so great, but at least it waited until I got home!
Anyway, the result is that I haven’t done any of the actual Stuff I wanted to do, but I have read more of N0S4R2 which I still love more than anything. It’s quirky but creepy, in a really great way!
Anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow when I’ll be hopefully less whiny! 

LATER: Scrap that. I couldn’t sleep so I finished N0S4R2 instead. It’s amazing and the ending has pretty much blown me away. So now I’m going to go try and sleep. Night all!


  1. Bleugh – the not sleeping sounds horrid. The finishing of N0S4R2 sounds better though and I'm so, SO going to get to it early in the new year. I think that maybe I'll get it on the shiny new Kindle that will arrive on Christmas day because it looks heavy…I'm glad you loved it though because I now feel as though you getting a copy instead of me in Leeds was the best thing all round!

    I finished the first book in the Grisha trilogy this morning (and nobody needs to mention which cover they have :-p) – it was good enough to be fun to read but it wasn't ground-breaking. I liked it and I'm sure I'm going to get completely turned on because I don't LOVE IT FOREVER WITH ALL OF MY HEART but it was just ok, really. I've got The Ghost Hunters in my bag with me though and I'm going to start it on the train home, which I'm looking forward to. I'll let you know how it is (obviously!).

  2. Ellie says:

    Awww, muffin, I hope everything simmers down and you get a good night's sleep tonight! And hey, sorry to sound like that pillow we were going to get made, but at least you can still read, right? Which is preferable to watching shite telly, and definitely better than I could do if I was that tired. I'm bad enough if I've just generally slept badly (like last night, when I kept waking up every five minutes because I was so cold), so I have Respect (with a capital letter) for anyone who can stay a vaguely functional human being when they're exhausted. 🙂

    The GOOD news is that The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is brilliant so far – very exciting, and an interesting take on vampiredom – so thus far my first ever Holly Black experience is turning out very well!

  3. Karen says:

    Your dedication is impressive :o) Hope you get some rest.

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