Monday, 28 October 2013

The Moonstone Read-a-Long #readWILKIE

I can't believe I've been blogging for 2.5 years and I've only taken part in one read-a-long. That was Anna Karenina last year, a book I would never have picked up off my own back, and I ended up completely loving it.

The moral of the story (or so I have decided, a year later) is TO SIGN UP FOR MORE READ-A-LONGS!!!
Thus Lit Nerd and The Moonstone. One is a classic novel; guess which and you'll win a prize!*
I found a beautiful copy of this in a charity shop last year, but was always too intimidated to try it. In addition, I kind of figured I should read The Woman in White first, although I am completely aware they're not a series of any kind.
So join us and read The Moonstone in November! Go to this post to find out how :)
*No. You absolutely will not.


  1. Given my love for Wilkie, I find it difficult to admit that I find The Moonstone intimidating too. I couldn't say exactly why but, you know, it's a well-loved chunky book. So pleased you're joining in and I look forward to reading your thoughts!

  2. Lalalalala... OKAY I'M DOING IT TOO. I have no willpower, and also I was going to read it anyway but then just hover quietly leaving comments so you'd be like "Huh, I thought she wasn't readalonging! How mysterious" and I could read all the Thoughts without having to have any. *wearily changes 'slyly commenting' hat for 'actually doing some work' hat* ;)


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