Saturday, 12 October 2013

Dewey's 24 Read-a-thon: Update One


Hours One to Four - 1pm to 5pm

I've been reading:  Lost in Time (Blue Bloods series #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read since my last update: 61
Pages read altogether:  61
As I mentioned in my goal post, I had to spend the first few hours of the read-a-thon visiting a friend in hospital and as soon as I got home, my aunt and uncle turned up to deliver presents for my Mum's birthday. It's now 5:30pm and I've only read 61 pages. That said, I'm all settled in for the evening now and ready to read!
I'm reading the sixth book in the Blue Bloods series and I'm struggling to keep my interest. It could just be because I haven't really been able to settle into it but I'm just not feeling it. Ah well, I shall persevere! 

Hour Five - 5pm to 6pm

I've been reading:  Lost in Time (Blue Bloods series #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read since my last update: 24
Pages read altogether:  85
So I wrote my last update (above) at 5:30pm and then I hopped around a few blogs to say hello, so I've only really been reading for 15 minutes or so. Still though, I want to get into an hourly update routine so you get an update anyway!

I'm sat on my bed, but I'm struggling a little. I'm not sure if it's because I'm cold (seriously I'm sat on my feet to try and thaw them out), tired or uninterested in my book, but I'm not really getting into this. To be fair, I'm more engaged with my book than I was last time so I'm getting there.

I'd also like to point out that Lost in Time is NOT a sultry erotica as the odd cover above seems to imply!

Hour Six - 6pm to 7pm

I've been reading:  Lost in Time (Blue Bloods series #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read since my last update: 82
Pages read altogether:  167
Hours spent reading: 2.5

I won the Dewey Read-a-thon Door Prize for this hour! How exciting! Genuinely it's pretty much made my day. 

So I've warmed up a little which is making it easier to read and Lost in Time has gotten much more interesting. That might just be because I'm more comfortable now, but I don't really care about the reason! I'm probably about half way through so I hope the rest of it remains the same quality. Wow, that barely made sense.

Mad Libs Challenge, hosted by Nisaba Be Praised 

I went with the very last paragraph I'd read, for convenience:

Their abductors led them away from the Read-a-thon, and Schuyler was shoved inside a warlock that quickly quivered away over bumpy roads. She thought she could feel Jack's spleen next to her, but she wasn't sure. The love potion they had thrown over her head was disorientating - not a normal dark cloth, but one that was made to subdue vampire boils.

Haha, this was worth it just for the first sentence!

Hour Seven - 7pm to 8pm

I've been reading:  Lost in Time (Blue Bloods series #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read since my last update: 58
Pages read altogether:  225
Hours spent reading: 3

I took half an hour out to go jump around some blogs and e-mail in to claim my Door Prize (*flails in excitement*) but part of the point of a read-a-thon for me is the social side, so I don't mind too much.

I am starting to flag a little bit, so I'm going to collect my book and blanket and head downstairs to read now. It's warmer and maybe the change of scenery will do me good. 

Hours Eight and Nine - 8pm to 10pm

I've been reading:  Lost in Time (Blue Bloods series #6) by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read since my last update: 117
Pages read altogether:  342
Hours spent reading: 4

Yay! I've just finished Lost in Time, so that's my first (and probably only) book completed for the read-a-thon. I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I did at the beginning, although I'm not sure how I feel about the ending...

Anyway, I took an hour's break as we went to KFC and then I talked on the phone to the Boyfriend for a while. My 'Hours spent reading' count is only tallied in half hours, so I may have spent a bit more than that but it doesn't really matter.

I have realised just how much time a day I spend faffing on the Internet or otherwise wasting time though. I think I'm going to make a definite effort to cut back on wasted time from now on. 

Hour Ten - 10pm to 11pm

I've been reading:  Wonder by R.J. Palacio
Pages read since my last update: 41
Pages read altogether:  383
Hours spent reading: 4.5

Arrrrgh, this book is so perfect. I almost didn't put it down to write this update! The chapters are really short so it's easy to just 'read another one' over and over...

After this update I'm going to head over to a new update post as by then it will be midnight and it's as good a time as any to switch.

Self-Portrait Challenge, hosted by The Estella Society

It's 11pm, think yourself lucky I'm not in my pyjamas yet! I went for comfort today, as you can tell by my fuzzy panda jumper. It also helps that it's rainy and miserable in Merry Ol' England today!


  1. I so wish I had the focus to do hourly updates but every time I turn my laptop back on, I get sucked into browsing around other blogs and tweeting and generally not getting a lot of reading done! Like now, really...

    Hurrah for your sultry erotica improving! Bellman and Black is fab - I'm sensing much creepiness in the next section :|

    1. Haha, the updates are my favourite part of this whole shebang! I do keep browsing other blogs but I'm really bad for only focusing on Our Lots. I think I might go check out somebody random now actually. Thanks for the poke :)

      It helps that I'm still not really on Twitter, right now. I'm linking updates and responding to comments, but not really Reading, if that makes sense?


    2. Haha! :-p

      I totally agree with your point in hours...*scrolls back up* 8 and 9. If nothing else, today has made me realise how much messing about I do. I mean, I've not exactly been super focussed today and I've only read about 194 pages or so but it's been nice to properly read for even little bits of time instead of my usual reading/messing with my phone/watching TV/messing with my laptop that I do most of the time. So I think in the future, less multi-tasking, more focus! Even though I'll forget that tomorrow, probably...

    3. I'm the same. Read-a-thonning always drives it home to me how much time I waste flitting around on the internet or getting distracted by stuff. That's probably why I'm such a slow reader these days - when I was a kid it took twenty minutes just to turn the PC on, let alone actually do anything on it! :D

  2. Love that you're having such a great time during the read-a-thon! Congrats on winning the door prize :)

  3. Congratulations, Hanna! You're the winner of the Hour 7 Mad Libs mini-challenge! Email me at figwiggin [at] gmail [dot] com with your mailing address and Book Depository book choice (up to $10) and we'll get it sent off to you!

  4. Lovely sweater! Me I've been in pajamas all day ;)

  5. Okay, I'm loving the fuzzy panda. AND YAY WONDER. Awww, Auggie was so sweet (it IS Auggie, right?) and the whole book was just so heartrending and adorable.

    What did you win, what did you win?


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