Shoe Saves #3 and #4: New Look Bow Heels and Primark Bow Flats PLUS Another Blogger Meet-up!

From tomorrow, from
the 14th June 2013, I have one year to wear all of my shoes. Any pair I
haven’t worn by 13th June 2014, will be binned. 

First off, my apologies to Bex and Laura for taking forever to write their post. Clearly I was too busy sulking over their making fun of my accent *snooty face*

The 21st June was important for two reasons. Firstly, I managed to ‘save’ two pairs of shoes, albeit fairly similar ones. More importantly, however, I met up with Bex and Laura and ate lots of cake! Unfortunately we forgot to take any photographs and so you’ll have to be content with lots of photos of me. Like usual.

On the train down, I texted them both and told them to look out for a girl that looked like she was on her way to a Christening. Hanna Whitehead, always over-dressed. It must have been fairly accurate though, because they did recognise me on sight. 

So we wandered off (this would later turn out to be the theme of the day) in the direction of food, ending up at Some Burger Place and the Hummingbird Bakery, where I ate half of the biggest slice of cake you have ever seen in your life. Seriously, it was taller than me…

… as Bex and Laura are now in a position to advise upon. I made the mistake of wearing new heels for a walking trip round London. Okay, look. I know that to most people, wearing any heels for a walking trip round London isn’t the best idea in the world. I get it. But I’m used to this shit, and I’ve merrily traipsed round cobble-stoned Bakewell with not a single complaint. Go ask Ellie.

But yes, the point is that I had to change into my emergency flats and I am actually quite small. Ah well. The flats are very nearly identical, just a little bit grubbier, and at least it diminished the Christening-esque-ness. Yes, that is a word. More relevantly, they actually allowed me to walk without whimpering. 

And ohhhhh did we walk. Where to, I hear you ask. Well… nowhere! We set off to look for a bookshop and while I now realise that I could have just looked up the closest one on my phone and headed off with a purpose, we just decided to walk and find one. Which we didn’t. We did find two or three Chanel stores and lots of cyclists decided to dislike me for no reason, but no bookshops. We’ll just have to make up for it when they come to Leeds!  

Everyone, Bex and Laura are amazing. Come to think of it, so are Bex’s family. She had baby Benjamin, who was impeccably well-behaved, and her younger sister Claire (also well-behaved :p) and we later met up with two of her sisters. You know how sometimes you’re with certain people and you can just completely relax and be yourself, with no awkward silences or small-talk? Yeah, that. I felt so utterly content when I left them both that I’m actually surprised it never ocurred to us to meet up sooner!

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  1. Ellie says:

    *coughs* Yes, you did VERY well in Bakewell in towering heels. Except for that moment when you fell down the step in the other bookshop. BUT IT WAS ONLY A TINY BIT AND NO ONE EVEN NOTICED EXCEPT ME. Blame the step, never the heels. 😀

  2. Those flats are adorable! I love high heels, and used to buy *a lot* of them, but I always felt too dressy in them so I barely wear them. Flats on the other hand, oh man, you do not want to see how many of them I have!

  3. Laura says:

    Hey, at least we didn't make fun of your accent TO YOUR FACE (again- we weren't making fun! We were just… commenting on how Northern you are! Which is A LOT.)

    Awww, reading this makes me want to seeeee you again! (Also Bex. And to meet Ellie. And Charlotte. WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS CAN IT BE TOMORROW?!)

    Oh yeah, and your shoes were very lovely, as was your christening outfit. I feel sad that we didn't take you somewhere fancier, but at least we took you to the posh parts of London 🙂

  4. Sarah says:

    Awwwww I love reading about the book blogger meet-ups! I need to move somewhere better blogger-populated.

    And as always, the shoes are adorable! Particularly the heels 🙂

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