Summer Ninja Book Swap! 
Who loves surprise bookish presents?
You do?
Well so do we!
Basically Bex and I thought it might be nice for people to get
surprise parcels of books in the middle of the summer as well as just at
Christmas, as a lot of people (ourselves excepted) don’t have summer birthdays
and so have a long time to wait between bookish present getting!
We both really enjoyed the way that The Broke and the
Bookish organised their Christmas Secret Santa swap, so we thought that we
would organise ours along similar lines. Basically if you would like to take
part and send a fellow book blogger an awesome midsummer gift, all you have to
do is email us a few details by June 17th and we will match you up
with somebody! You will need to be able to send your parcel by July 7th.
Your parcel should consist of a book or two (they don’t have to be brand new,
just in nice condition – something you wouldn’t mind receiving yourself), and a
little extra present or two plus a card or note if you feel so inclined. 
To participate please email the following details to ninjabookswap(at)outlook(dot)com:
  • Your name and address
  • A link to your wishlist
  • Your blog URL
  • A short list of some of your likes so that your sender can pick out an extra gift (e.g. I like bookmarks, frogs, owls and socks)
  • Dislikes (e.g. I don’t want chocolate or glittery things, and I’m allergic to nuts)
  • Whether you are willing to send outside your own country (you can say that you are willing but would prefer not to)
If you would like to sign up more than once (to send and
receive two parcels instead of one) please let us know in your email! If you
want to receive two parcels, you will have to also send two parcels as
well!  If you could also spread the word
via twitter, and by posting on your blog about the swap, it would be greatly

The sign-up deadline for the Summer Ninja Book Swap is June 17th!


  1. Ummmm best idea? BEST IDEA!!

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