Booking in Heels Shoe Challenge!

It’s probably fairly obvious to you all that I like shoes. Heels, specifically. And yet I could never find a way to bring my love of footwear into my blog which, despite the name, is primarily about books.

And then I stumbled across Shoeperwoman.

A few years ago, Amber decided that she had too many pairs of shoes that just weren’t seeing the light of day, a feeling I can sympathise with whole-heartedly. To combat this, she set up her Shoe Challenge: she had one year to wear every pair of shoes she owns at least once. Every pair that she didn’t manage to wear were consigned to the charity shop.

My friends, I propose to do the same.

From tomorrow, from the 14th June 2013, I have one year to wear all of my shoes. Any pair I haven’t worn by 13th June 2014, will be binned. 

To avoid cheating, I am going to document every pair worn on this blog, preferably with a photo. So yes, not only do you get to wonder frustratedly how one person can own that many shoes, you also get to see me prancing around in them.

Aren’t you lucky?

My rules (adapted slightly from the Shoeperwoman website):

  • Shoes must be worn outside; padding around the house in them does not save that shoe
  • The Shoe Challenge includes shoes bought within this year – something to think about when it gets to May 2014 and I’m still buying heels
  • Shoe Saves must be documented, so I’m not tempted to cheat
  • I am allowed to get rid of shoes of my own free will, obviously. These will be deducted from my overall total.

 Speaking of my total, since you must be dying to know by now…

* deathly silence*

I have to save…

88 pairs of shoes!



  1. Jean says:

    *faint* 88, seriously?? I think I own 8 or so, most of which you would not be caught dead in….I look forward to the cool shoes!

  2. Hannah says:

    Thems a lot of shoes. Good luck!
    Think I have.. 6?

  3. Bex says:

    I used to have about 35 but that was a while back. I have waaay too few now so I will enjoy living vicariously through your shoes!

  4. Book Dragon says:

    I should totally do this! I have no where near 88 pairs of shoes but I do have shoes that not only haven't seen the light of day, they're dusty *gasp*

    I just returned the cutest pair of heels, sigh.

    Outside, huh? With pictures? :/

    1. admin says:

      The photos can be taken inside, but the shoes must at least hit the pavement to be saved.

      You should so do this 🙂

    2. Book Dragon says:

      I posted about joining you.

    3. Book Dragon says:

      finally update my post. No pictures but I've saved 4 pairs of shoes and taken 12 out of my closet (tossed or donation pile)

  5. This is fun… I don't have that many shoes. 🙁 But I do love a good pair and will be looking forward to seeing all your pictures!!

  6. Sarah says:

    88, hot damn!!! Sounds like a fun, awesome challenge though! Looking forward to it, sounds like a cool new feature for your blog 🙂

  7. Ellie says:

    This is such a fun idea, Hanna! Good luck with the challenge, my own 12 pairs of shoes that the boyfriend often complains about doesn't seem too bad now, haha 🙂 x

  8. Laura says:

    Um. If all of your shoes are as FIT as those spotty ones, then this is going to be very fun for me!! (I love looking at heels, I just can't walk in them. It's a curse.)

  9. LOVE IT! Another thing I love? Those polka dot shoes! I am very looking forward to noseying at lots of pictures of beautiful shoes! Bring on the heels!

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