Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bout of Books 7.0: Saturday and Sunday

Books I've read from:  
Inferno by Dan Brown 
Bloody Valentine by Melissa de la Cruz
Pages read today:
  409 pages from Inferno 
147 from Bloody Valentine
Books finished today:
Running total:
  1095 pages, 5 books   
Today #insixwords: 
Why does May hate me so?

So the full-fledged wrath of Measles hit me yesterday and I've pretty much been in bed ever since. I feel pretty appalling, but I can at least think clearly so I've been able to read and churn out this post.

Not only that, but I got a review out too! I know, I know, but do try and with-hold your applause for a few moments. I finished Inferno at lunchtime today and wanted to talk about it so badly that I bypassed all my other outstanding reviews (of which there are many) and typed it up straight away. Read it here - it's actually pretty damn good. I was more than a little impressed. The novel, I mean, not my review.

Clearly I'm not going to reach my target of five reviews, but in my defence it's been a pretty crap week. I have exceeded my reading goal of finishing three books though, and I'm well into my fourth so it's not a complete loss.
I may have gotten distracted by Eurovision last night. I've never seen it before, but clearly I've been missing out! I was flicking back and forth for a few songs, but then Greece came on and I was hooked. They so should have won. Apparently there's a Thing that I had no idea about - that the UK is usually in the bottom three and most countries vote in their own little cliques. God, you could write a fascinating dissertation on it.

Of course it helped that Ellie and Hannah amused me nearly the entire way through and Graham Norton's little snide comments were almost better than the thing itself. Gotta love the British interjections of sarcasm :)

EDIT: I don't know what I've done to the month of May to make it fuck me over so much, but there are literally no areas of my life left for it to ruin.

My Dad was carted off in an ambulance a few hours ago and I have nobody to talk about it to, as my go-to person broke up with me last week. Ditto a few days ago when I contracted measles and all my pupillage applications were invalidated. What am I meant to do!?

EVEN LATER: So my Dad is being kept over night, but it stable. He's on a respirator, but he should be able to breathe on his own.

Thank you for the text messages and Tweets, everyone. I thought I didn't have a support system, but I very clearly do. And now I'm tearing up again, but the point is that I love you all.


  1. Oh my god I hope he's ok! Email me if you need to, I'm good at sympathising with shit situations!massive hugs xxxxx

  2. Okay my phone just beeped with a text as I was reading and I'm assuming it's you so I'm going to stop typing and grab my phone right now.

    1. Oooor that was Google texting me to say somebody tried to hack me. Fun. Texting you anyway.

  3. Ah jeez Hanna, I was just about to congratulate you on your measly productivity until I got to the bottom of your post...

    I hope your dad's doing well today and that YOU'RE feeling okay as well, with everything happening at once. You know you can text, call, email, Tweet, any time you want right? I'll text you later when it isn't stupid o'clock, we all love you girl! xx

  4. Oh Hanna, I hope your dad is doing well today and that you are feeling better too. Sometimes life's a bitch and, as I discussed yesterday with a fellow book blogger, fate must be male because he is constantly kicking us. Want to join the fate punch party?

    Sending you lots of love

  5. Oh you poor thing! I hope your dad is okay!!! And that the measles go (goes?) away. And that June is just much, much nicer to you. *hugs*

  6. Oh no, I hope that you and your Dad are okay! Great to hear that you enjoyed Inferno, I've enjoyed some of Dan Brown's other books so shall check this one out!


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