Monday, 13 May 2013

Bout of Books 7.0: Monday

Books I've read from:  
The Secret Life of Houdini by William Kalush and Larry Sloman
Pages read today:
79 of The Secret Life of Houdini and 17 of The Pirates! in an Adventure with Napoleon
Books finished today:
Running total:
  96 pages, 1 book   
Today #insixwords: 
One small blip, but otherwise acceptable.
Non-reading progress:  
Umm... I wrote this post, didn't I?
Today has been a busy day with not a whole lot of time for reading. I had to get up fairly early to head for a hospital check-up, where I was informed by my rather sour doctor that I've somehow managed to contract chickenpox.
For those without the benefit of having read my frequent medical whiny posts, here is the basic gist:
Lupus = Lack of Immune System = Bad Things
So I can catch everything. I'm single-handedly keeping Purell in business, I swear. Then obviously when I do catch something, even something simple, it can have really bad consequences.
So, yes. Chicken pox.
 Except I don't actually have it, as such. As in, I'm not all spotty or contagious. The virus is just looming dangerously in the background, likely to hit at any minute. Honestly I'm not actually that concerned though (famous last words?). I have regular check-ups so they can catch these things in time and whilst I am likely to be ill shortly, I will be less ill than if they hadn't caught it at all.

So that was my morning.

In the afternoon I was attending meetings with the Social Events Committee to try and plan our Summer Ball, which isn't exactly going well. The hotel we/they had chosen required a minimum number of 100 people and if we didn't reach that amount, we personally would be liable for the amount. I've said from the beginning that 100 people is an ambitious number and that this is actually an incredibly horrendous idea, but it's taken until today, until actual seeing the contract in print, that they finally listened.

But it's okay. We found another hotel with a minimum number of 50 people, which is much more doable and much less scary. Problem (probably temporarily) solved.

Then I got home, did some work, had a little cry. I know one of my Bout of Books goals was to become a rational human being again, but it was only a little cry...

 Had a short conversation with my ex/current/who-the-fuck-knows boyfriend and then I remembered that I miss him and then I cried. It's up in the air in the minute. To be fair, I haven't actually cried all that much this week and it was a rare moment of weakness.

Blame the chickenpox.

I swear I will actually talk about books tomorrow.


  1. You are allowed a cry, I think! Just... keep them little and then come to the internet and let us make you laugh and stuff :)

    YOUR COMMITTEE SOUNDS SO ANNOYING. Like, that's why I can't deal with teamwork and stuff, because if you're the one dissenting voice, you just get ignored EVEN when you're the only one who makes sense. ARGH!

    Sorry. Apparently I have issues! 79 pages is not bad considering you had many other things to do today. I applaud your readingness. *applauds, obvs*

    1. 'A camel is a horse designed by a committee.'

      ARGH. They drive me up the wall. I swear I could have organised the whole thing by now. My sole job is pretty much to just sit there and go "No. No. That makes no sense. Don't be ridiculous. No." And then I'M the bad person for having common sense :/

      Don't worry, I have issues too!

  2. *blames chickenpox*
    Text/email me tomorrow to let me know what happened, ok? You're allowed!

    *steals your gifs*

  3. Well with all that is going on with you YOU did get 79 pages read. AMAZING. I did a lot of crap today and maybe got 50 pages. Maybe

    My goals

  4. Dude, what a crappola day. I think at least a small cry was needed. But YAY cause you did get some reading done and finished a book! So there's that.

    I hope tomorrow's a better day for you! *hugs*

  5. Hanna... I was reading this post and I WELLED UP. And I wanted to come over there and give you the frickin' biggest hug you've ever had in your life. It's okay, I've had chicken pox, I'm good for hugs. And you know what? Sometimes you need a bloody good cry and a few pages of a good book. I don't let myself cry much because I get embarrassed and you know what happens? I get mad instead and do stupid things like punching a wall. True story.

    Cry. Read. Cry some more. Eat something nice. Love you. :)

    1. Haha, I'm A Cryer, unfortunately. I wish I had the willpower to Not Cry, like you. I'd much rather punch walls. Better then the soppy, sniffly pathetic lump of mush I turn into when I cry!

  6. That's more reading than I would have managed if I hadn't had a long car journey yesterday! Also, you're totally allowed to cry in little bits, it's probably better for you than keeping it all in anyway. I am totally a crier, so I know :-p Hope today will be better for you!

    1. Cryers of the World Unite!

      I hate being a cryer, but I always have been. Cry when I'm sad, cry when I'm angry, cry when I'm... I don't know, hungry.

    2. I totally cry when I'm hungry. Cos I get stroppy when I'm hungry and then if people argue with me or anything I get all angry and cry. I swear I'm not crazy I just have to carry emergency mars bars around...

  7. Pfft - little cries, big cries and great whopping snot-nosed cries are all super for the soul! I swear by it. I mean, I obviously don't go around doing it work (clients aren't so keen!) but if I've had a rubbish day, I usually either go home and go for a long, angry run with lots of noisy music or have a cathartic cry before settling in with some yummy food, my pyjamas and a good book. Honestly, when we first moved in together, I'm pretty sure that Andy thought I was insane. Really, though, you should never feel bad about crying if you need to (or even just want to!).

    Books will make it better and we can *talk* about those books whenever you feel like! MUCH LOVE TO YOU!

    1. Oh! I didn't get an e-mail notification about this comment so it was a nice surprise when I clicked on my post :)

      I'd love to be a runner :) I bet it's really good for destressing. I don't find crying that cathartic unfortunately - once I've cried, it kind of gives me the propensity to cry again for the rest of the day, if that makes sense!

      They do. I love books. A perfect read-a-thon week!


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