Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bout of Books 6.0: Wednesday

Books I've read from:  
The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance by Elna Baker
Pages read today:
Books finished today:
Running total:
  692 pages, 3 books, 1 review   
Non-reading progress:  
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I also answered it myself, which is down below. 
Today #insixwords: 
Where did those pages come from!?
Just to clarify - the unattached penguin head in the photo is the cap of a USB stick. I'm not in the habit of beheading penguins and then carrying it around as a trophy. Although it could happen depending how crazy I end up by Friday.

So this was another of those days where I actually managed to read a fair bit, but I'm not really sure how. I didn't have any classes today, but I had organised a speaker to come talk to us at 5:30pm and that required a lot of dashing around to promote the event and setting up chairs etc.
I also have a ten page Conference plan due in tomorrow, the debris of which you can see in the photo at the top. We've never been shown a single example of how to do this, so it requires a lot of guesswork and piecing together. Welcome to the Bar course everyone. 

Then I got home about 7pm and instantly fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up.. oh... 50 minutes ago and then started writing this post. 

I'm not entirely sure where those 124 pages come from. I read a little in the very early hours of this morning, a bit more on the train and a few pages here and there when R v Ballard became too overwhelming, but that's it.

LATER- Finished, at 4am. I have genuine, medical sleeping issues but clearly they mean I get my reading done!

The Page 48 Challenge

The first complete sentence on page 48 of The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance is - 

I tried to explain that I hadn't changed, I tried to convince him to give me another chance, but all I could do was giggle and ask for high fives.
So I'm going to continue it with - 

I tried to explain that I hadn't changed, I tried to convince him to give me another chance, but all I could do was giggle and ask for high fives. However, clearly the tentacles suddenly growing out of my head were putting the boy off. They can be shallow like that. I thought those tentacles looked rather fetching actually, so who cared where they'd come from!? I even took off my shirt but Michael still wouldn't stop staring at them!


  1. i love your result, Perhaps it would have been more easy for me in my native language but i prefered to take a book in english and give it a try^^;;

    now i will only go to see if i can read a few pages ( your challenge has been my priority^^;;)before having a real night ( even short for once)

    thank you for hosting this challenge

  2. OMG...yours really got me laughing! Tentacles!! LOL

  3. Oh my god... you have to send this to Kelly (our noble BoB hostess)... She's freely admitted that she's seriously into tentacle erotica, I think this'd be right up her street! Made me chuckle anyway!

    Congratulations on another fab reading day, even if you have no idea how you did it. The disembodied penguin head was a little disconcerting so I'm glad you explained it. You remember that bit in Toy Story in the bad guy's bedroom, with all the headless dolls and bits of toy stuck onto OTHER toys. Yeah, that's what was going through my head. :(

    Also, THAT BOOK SOUNDS AWESOME but I still don't have it, so hurry up and tell me whether I need to wishlist it or not. I'M RELYING ON YOU FOR THIS STUFF, DAMMIT! Okay coffee time. *chicken-squawks quietly to herself*


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