Monday, 7 January 2013

Bout of Books 6.0: Monday

Books I've read from:  
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
Pages read today:
97, as of 9:45pm
Books finished today:
Running total:
97 pages, 1 book   
Non-reading progress:  
Umm... I wrote this post, didn't I?
Today #insixwords: 
Hanna is part of many projects... *dies*
(the last word doesn't count because it's an action?)

By all accounts, today should have been a truly horrendous reading day.

It was the first day back at Law School after a horrendous exam period, and yet the amount of work expected was even heavier than that pre-exams. I spent six hours on my Criminal Litigation work yesterday, but still had to spend a further two hours on it this morning, before the class at 1:15pm.

At 3pm I had a meeting with volunteers from the pro bono project I run, where we visit local schools and run mock trials with them so they understand how the court process works. This particular group is going on a visit on Wednesday, so we had to go over their materials and plans and make sure everything was in order.

An hour later I had a meeting with another group of volunteers to rehearse our own mock trial. A group of 26 children are coming to the Law School tomorrow to watch us act out a criminal case, so we spent two hours this evening running through it. It's actually really fun - we all got into our roles and we've tried to make it fun and interesting for the children. I'm a snooty over-dramatic lady with an awful French that saw the stabbing from a distance in a badly lit park :)

Afterwards I get the train home, but I was more exhausted when I walked in the door than I have been in a long time. I just sat on the hallway floor and leaned against the door, not moving. 

Point is, 7pm and I hadn't read anything... so I read something.

I have a further six hours of Civil Litigation work due in tomorrow, but I was so fuzzy and light-headed that there was no point in even attempting it until later. I picked up The Old Man and the Sea, and actually finished it in one sitting. Alright, it's only 97 pages, but so what? :) One book down! 

How was your first day of Bout of Books?


  1. You are a MIRACLE! Law work, pro bono AND a book?! You are both a miracle and my new IDOL! I've read about 20 pages of The Handmaid's Tale and that is it. BUT I have done a huge pile of ironing, because I am just that rock and roll. Tomorrow will be better. Bring on Tuesday :)

    And good luck with the Civil Litigation, by the way - civil litigation is my NEMESIS! Well, less of a nemesis than trust law but it still does not make me happy.

    (Incidentally, it took me re-reading that back to myself for me to remember that I did also do law work today, just not the same kind...*shakes head at self*)

    1. I was fine with Civil at LLB level! But now it's all White Book and CPR and everything else that makes no sense! Although I concede it's not as bad as trusts. *crawls into hole*

      Tomorrow's seminar is on... *checks because it's 10:41pm and she hasn't yet* Oh. Track allocation. That shouldn't be too bad, if mind numbingly boring. Oh wait. Lots of Practice Direction reading. *digs deeper into the hole*

      I don't FEEL like a miracle! Miracles do their Civil prep work :P

  2. Wow, that sounds like a really hard day. Going back to school after exams or a break is always hard - I had the same experience yesterday. Went to university after a three week break and wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed :(

    I'm impressed by the amount of things you got done yesterday in addition to reading/finishing a book. I wish I would be that productive.

    I hope the rest of your week isn't so stressful and you find a bit more time to read.

    1. I know! You get so used to sleeping in and slouching about the house in your pyjamas, that getting up and dressed at 7am seems like such an opposition!

      Haha, I'm only productive because I have literally no other option. If it wasn't for the huge amount of pressure, NOTHING would have been achieved, I assure you :p

  3. Holy moly, that's a really long day! GO YOU for being able to finish a whole book on top of all that, even if it was a short one. Still counts!

  4. Wow, working on your law degree and doing the read-a-thon. Good luck and keep going!


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