Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bout of Books 6.0: Saturday

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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
Pages read today:
Books finished today:
Running total:
  771 pages, 3 books, 1 review   
Non-reading progress:  
Oh shh.
Today #insixwords:  
If you've been following my updates this week, you'll know that I actually managed a book per day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Due to that fairly respectable progress, I felt justified in starting something much heavier and more imposing.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell definitely falls into that category - it's 1000 pages long with the teeniest, tiniest font ever known to man. Hence my slow progress!

If you're wondering what happened to my Thursday and Friday updates (which you clearly all were), I've been ill and busy respectively. I have genuine problems with sleep caused by my ME and Lupus and on Thursday morning I was still awake at 6am. Ironically, I find it harder to sleep than normal people, but I'm also less able to function without sleep.

Needless to say, I didn't get up at 7:15am and head into University that day, so the past two days have been spend recovering health-wise and catching up on the work I missed. Yesterday, I was in court and today I've been working, so I haven't been reading much. 

79 pages of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell doesn't seem all together shabby in the context! 


  1. seeing the context it's really good even!

  2. Oh honeybunch, I hope you're feeling a bit better by the time you read this! *careful hugs and a little Bakewell tart*

    But hey, congratulations on taking the plunge with one of the book world's undisputed Goliaths! I bought that one before Christmas last year, and I still haven't QUITE managed to bring myself to pry it down off the shelf. For a start, one slip and it'd probably take me out before I'd even cracked the cover! But I was very excited when I mentioned it to a regular at the shop and she casually let slip that she knew Susanna Clarke and a couple of years ago HAD HER AND NEIL GAIMAN OVER FOR TEA ONE DAY. As you do... *fangirl moment* :)

  3. *hugs* Hope you've managed to get some rest and are feeling a bit better today. Don't strain yourself with that massive tome!

  4. Hope you're feeling better!!!

    I read that book a while ago and... Ehhh. I didn't find it as amazing as I'd hoped, I actually found it a bit tedious and it took me forever to get through. I think it would make a good movie though. I hope you enjoy it!

  5. I'll add some more well-wishing to the fray: hope you're feeling better!!

    I *loved* Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell! Ok, so I'll concede that it is very long and that the font is very small and the footnotes do mean that you don't feel as though you're reading that fast BUT I still loved it :) Also, I had the paperback and the eBook when I was reading it - that mother is HEAVY. As I'm sure you've realised...

    It's totally worth the effort, I promise!

  6. Lupus sucks. My friend in college had it and she was always exhausted too. You're doing really well with your goals though! Great job!!!

  7. A few friends of mine loved Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell... I had completely forgotten that until I stumbled upon your blog here through Bout of Books. I'll come back to check out your review! Hope your BoB goals have gone well.


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