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Once Upon A Read-a-thon July 9-11 2012

Once Upon a Read-a-Thon

Because I'm not starting this late at all. Why do people always want to do real-life things when I'm trying to do a read-a-thon? Honestly!

My goals over the next three days are fairly simple, as I've been out into town today, I'm heading into Sheffield tomorrow and I've got a hospital appointment on Wednesday.
  • Part Four of Anna Karenina for the Read Along
  • A Touch of Power by Maria Snyder
  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson
These aren't exactly what I'd have picked, but I completely forgot about the Read-a-thon and so I'm at my boyfriend's with not a whole lot to choose from! Luckily, I ended up at the library this morning and came home with an armful of fantasy books. Plus, I really need to get round to reading Jekyll and Hyde for my League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Challenge

This post is where I'll be posting my updates and linking to my mini-challenge posts, so keep checking back!


What I've been reading: A Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder
Pages read: 130, as of 11:58pm
Comments: Not the best start to the Read-a-thon. In my defence, I found out today that I was rejected for my loan to do my Bar course in September, so I haven't felt much like reading - only like alternately sobbing and scowling as I somehow need to scrape up £13,000.

I got hold of myself towards the end of the day, but then still only managed 130 pages. I probably wouldn't even have managed that many if it wasn't such an easy book.
Today #insixwords: God-damned ****ing Law money people.


What I've been reading: Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder and Anna Karenina
Pages read: 106 and 81 respectively, as of 11:57pm
Comments: So I'm feeling much more positive today! I woke up really late, but that's not unusual and hey, at least I'm sleeping! I've got my review of The Woman Who Died A Lot up as well as reading a tiny bit in bed, so that's good and I'm going to go get some actual reading done now! :)

I finished Part Four of Anna Karenina, which started out a bit dreary but ended up beyond awesome. It's just amazing. Well, that's one of my goals completed anyway! 

I made a decent amount of progress with Touch of Power in the evening too. We watched Little Miss Sunshine, which was awesome, but cut into my reading time. Later though, Lewis turned on the Xbox so I read a little. I may have read more but the book wasn't as good as I'd expected. 
Mini-challenges: Bookish fight! Roll up, roll up and watch the impending battle between the Cheshire Cat of Wonderland and d'Artagnan of Musketeerdom! Bets are being taken for the next five minutes at odds of 3:5 Cheshire! With his superb disappearing act, will the young Gascon be able to find the feline? Or will his rapier sharp... uh, rapier, save the day?
Today #insixwords: Anna Karenina takes up much time!


What I've been reading: A Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder (still)
Pages read: 154, as of 11:36pm (finished!)
Comments: Uhh... I think I've accidentally been taking part in a buy-books-to-read-a-thon instead. I've only read 60 pages so far, but I may have obtained a further ten books. I know, right? My little TBR arrow on the right hand side is up fourteen books and it's not even halfway through the month. So much for having a minus-month.

Well, I finally finished Touch of Power with half an hour to spare! I clearly didn't complete my goals, but I'm glad I caught up with the Read Along and I finished this one. I couldn't really have read more today though - it's the other days that let me down!
Today #insixwords: Uncompleted goals? Ah well, I'll survive.


  1. Point 1: HOORAY! I was wondering when you'd be joining us, I thought maybe you were poorly sick or something... :(
    Point 2: I've barely read a thing anyway! I've watched several YouTube videos, plus a 20-minute Sherlock documentary (*accidentally dribbles down her cardigan*), slept for a while, and eaten LOTS - but not read much. :P
    Bonus point (so to speak): Who's David Wellington?

    1. 1) No no, just busy and then, later, grumpy.

      2) Lol, oh well, at least it's a nice rest for you. Maybe you can kick that illness you've had in the ass.

      3) David Wellington is clearly the man I confuse with Robert Louis Stevenson. Forgive me, the names are just so alike...

  2. Aww no you didn't mention this earlier! *huggles and muggles*

    1. I know, but I read the e-mail while halfway through a text to you, and then it was a long text already so... :)

  3. Jekyll and Hyde was a fun read, at least I thought so. And I'm hoping to somehow magically devour my entire gigantic stack and sneak in my first ever Maria V. Snyder book, Poison Study. Good luck and happy reading!

    1. Yeah, I really like it. I've read it before but promised myself I'd reread it this year.

      Maria V. Snyder's books are awsome, good luck with Poison Study :)

  4. I really liked Touch of Power (because I have a girl-author-crush on Maria V. Snyder!) but there are some occasions where some modern language pokes its nose in where it's not wanted (e.g. "guys"), which is a bit weird. Mostly, though, it's ace!

    Sad news about the law course finance - it is stupidly expensive and I feel your pain! Booooo to the finance people! I'm sending some happy thoughts your way and also...*BIG HUGS*

    1. I know, I noticed that already! And also random jumping - like, they're in the inn and then *snap* they're in the forest, with absolutely no implied travel in between! I do like it though, but I liked all her other books, so it was only to be expected :)

      Thanks. I muttered to my boyfriend that I'd have to whore myself out to get the money and he told me I didn't have time to whore myself out to £13,000 people. Arse.

  5. Forgetting about this? Who would ever do that? (I totally did that. A lot.) I have totally slacked on reading today, so I really wouldn't worry about the lack of pages read! And there are still 2 more days to gooo :) (I'm finding this totally exciting, as my first more-than-one-day readathon. It's pretty awesome, as long as I get reading reading reading!)

    1. I'm the opposite - I've never done a one day read-a-thon and I can't see myself ever doing one! Too much pressure and not enough sleep! :)

      I'm hoping to catch up tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday - today has definitely been more of a staring-blankly-at-a-screen kind of day.

  6. Yeah you have joined us that's great :) Don't worry about joining late, better late than never right? I have a busy few days too with hosp appts and family events etc but any reading during a read-a-thon is there :) Hopefully you will get chance to do some more reading on the next 2 days x Seems bizarre to read about local places on blogs as i'm used to reading blogs from ppl in the US etc and you are practically around the corner hehe.

    That is shite about the loan, really sorry to hear that! That is pretty pants when you are wanting the money to do something positive! for your career, it would get paid back with interest. Could you apply somewhere else? Are you better getting 1 large sum from one place or if you would get excepted for a smaller loan, get it from 2 places? Hope u ok, no wonder u were in a non reading mood after that! xx

    1. Haha, I find it strange reading about UK places as well. It's nice though, it makes me smile :)

      The company I applied to is one affiliated with the University - they specialise in giving post-graduate loans to students for expensive courses. I can only imagine I'd have even less chance with a 'proper' loan company! Plus it has to be paid by the 16th, which wouldn't be such a problem if they hadn't taken so long to decide to reject me!

  7. Awww honeybunch, that's well crap about the loan! Hannah's actually decided to defer her LPC now and do some graduate work instead, partially because she was looking to stump up £14,000 too and there's no guarantee she'll get a training contract at the end of it anyway. They don't make it easy on you, do they? *gives Hanna an enormous squidge and a Bakewell tart*

    You're right about David Wellington and Robert Louis Stevenson being similar, I'd totally get the two mixed up ALL THE TIME if I knew who David Wellington was. Bad days breed bad memory, I find... :)

    Hope you're feeling all-round better today anyway - sometimes it just needs time to sink in to make you feel less despondent - and that you have a nicer, more readery and lovely day... *one more squidge for good measure* xx

    1. Has she? That's what worries me too - what if I somehow scrape £13.5k together and then I end up without a pupillage (equivalent of the training contract) at the end of it anyway? If you don't get a pupillage within five years, your BPTC expires. I'm going to take the risk though - I've wanted to be a barrister since... forever. IF I can rob a bank in the next six days anyway.

      What graduate work is she doing?

      David Wellington wrote 13 Bullets, which is what I originally wrote for that goal and forgot to change the authory bit.

      Yeah, I am, thanks. Reassuring 'don't worry, we'll sort it' conversation on the phone with my Mum. I'm not sure HOW, but aren't Mums awesome?

      *squidges back*

  8. Mums are bloody AWESOME at making you feel that you're being a silly wench, I agree. Hannah's not too worried about being a solicitor I don't think - she's really enjoyed her course but I don't think she feels it's her life calling! And she has six years to do her LPC now if she wants to, so there's time to change her mind! For now she's getting immediate work experience with several different local companies, and looking at graduate programmes for in a few months' time...

    I'm so glad you felt happier yesterday, an unhappy Hanna just made me want to drop everything and come and make cups of tea for you ALL DAY. Little Miss Sunshine is an AWESOME FILM - Steve Carrell AND funniness AND that awesome moment where the lad completely falls apart and I burst into tears because he was SO DAMN BRILLIANT. Definitely a good feel-good movie. I gave up last night and watched half of Percy Jackson - that boy is seriously cute! :)

    1. Also, I realise that it sounded weird where I said I burst into tears at a sad part but it was still a feel-good movie, but you know what I mean... It was well funny, but had its sweet moments too! :)


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