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  1. Interestingly (or not…:-s), this came up on my phone with all the questions open and then I use my laptop and it turns out that you're some kind of internet WIZARD and can do those little hidden question-y type things that are amazing but way beyond my computing skills!

    Do you know what I actually might do? I actually might read a comic book. It would be my first EVER but I can totally do it! You have convinced me. (See? Wizard…)

    1. Hanna says:

      YES! Someones appreciates my LABOURS! I did it yesterday and it was an absolute bitch and took AGES, but I finally finished it. I showed Lewis, pretty much wanting him to pat me on the head and stick this on the fridge, but nooooooooo! :/

      You should 🙂 There are three stores in Leeds! Go to Travelling Man though – the staff there are the nicest people In The Entire World. Really helpful.

      Wizard! *paints her cone hat with purple stars*

  2. Ha – I would stick it on my fridge if I had a printer that had ink in it. But I don't…so instead you get my comment-shaped appreciation!

    There are three comic book shops in Leeds? Sometimes, I think I must walk around with my eyes closed :-s Thankfully, I have a phone with maps on to kind me everywhere! Although that's probably actually the reason that I don't know where anywhere is…

    I like nice people the bestest – Travelling Man it is!

  3. Hanna says:

    *wizards about*

    Because 'to wizard' is a verb now. I wizard, you wizard, he/she/it wizards. Only it has a slightly irregular past tense conjugation, when it becomes 'I have wizardeded.'

    Where was I? Oh yes. There are three 🙂 OK Comics is in that little alley up the side of Starbucks on the main street. Comes out near Ann Summers? Forbidden Planet is on the Headrow, down the hill from Primark. And Travelling Man, the best one, is… hmm. You go down the side of Zara, towards the market, and then it's off a street in between to the right. Next to the PDSA charity shop.

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