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Booking in Heels' First Blog Birthday: Part Three

On Sunday 13th May 2012 (TODAY!), Booking in Heels is one year old! Can you believe it!? To celebrate, I'm running a three day event right up to the day itself, when I'll be running a stupendous giveaway!

In the meantime, here's what will be going on:

Friday: The Blog! A look at Booking in Heels itself and what makes it (and me) tick.
Saturday: The Books! What books wouldn't I have discovered without blogging? 
Sunday: The Buddies! We all know blogging wouldn't be half as much fun without the amazing community, so here are a few of my special friends.

Keep checking back and celebrate with me! Oh, and enter the giveaway :)

I know I've said this fifty times this weekend, but I still don't know how I've lasted a year. What I do know though, is that it definitely wouldn't have happened without my amazing bloggy friends.

I'm sure these people know me better than some of my off-line friends. I think about them all the time, occasionally grabbing my phone to text one of them some amazing news before realising I don't have their numbers. Certain books remind me of them and sometimes I just can't stop myself from commenting on a months-old review just because I had to share my thoughts. I think I'm getting creepy now, but you get the idea.

These are the four best bloggers in the entire world. There are more of you out there that I love of course, but these people are especially... uh... special to me.

Ellie from Musings of a Bookshop Girl

Without any exaggeration, embroidery or hyperbole, Booking in Heels absolutely would not exist without Ellie and her blog. I accidentally stumbled across it one day, read the full previous five pages of her blog and was hooked. Not long after that, I realised that I could start my own!

I held Ellie in such high regard that when one day I got an e-mail from her, I nearly had a heart attack. It was like receiving an e-mail from a celebrity. I was honestly too scared to open it because I thought she'd be telling me off for... I don't know, looking at her blog too often or something.

Not the concept of Ellie complaining at me is just laughable - she has to be one of the nicest, friendliest people I've ever 'met.' She reads such, interesting obscure books, so there's nearly always something I covet in her IMM. I love her blog and her chirpy, unique writing style, but more importantly, I love Ellie herself - I just want to sit her on my mantelpiece and feed her sweets! :D 

Bex from An Armchair by the Sea

Bex was the first person I ever struck up an ongoing e-mail conversation with. She's absolutely lovely and so friendly. She's so easy to talk to it's hard not to get drawn in by her blog and her comments.

I visit her blog every single time she posts something new - she always provides reviews into such different books. And she's always good for a rant about Little Women ;)

Hannah from Once Upon A Time

Hannah started out being my online book friend, but now she's my book friend, rant friend, happy friend and pretty much everything in between. I'm not entirely sure how we 'met,' but now I can't imagine not e-mailing her every few days! Who else would I send snide e-mail comments to when I'm particularly irritable?

Honestly though, she's always been there when I need to get something off my chest or let off some steam, and I love her for it. She was also a massive help to me when I was still new at all this and never minded answering all my stupidly lengthy questions.

Charlotte from Lit Addicted Brit

Oh Charlotte, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

Not only does she a) live near me and b) have the same career I'm training for, we have almost identical book taste. I stalk her blog all the time to find what she's reading, because there's a 98% chance I'll love it too.

She's got a wonderful sense of humour and she's so much fun. I love our conversations although occasionally I end up snorting into my teacup like a true lady :)

Okay, that's the one and only time I'll get sappy on this blog, I swear. But it's true - I love these people. And no, I have not been drinking.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!


  1. Aww yay :-) Now I feel less stupid about my big sappy post about you (and others) on MY first birthday! And it just proves how similar taste we have, cos the other three are all blogs I love too!

    Also also, I love that you comment on old posts, it makes me smile :-)

    I know there have been far too many smilies in this comment, but there we go. It's sunny, my tomato plants are growing (and I'm convinced this somehow makes us self-sufficient - don't delude me or my weird gardening related geekiness...), and you're awesome!

    1. Really? I always get a pang of anxiety whenever I've commented on an old post in case it annoys people! I don't know how it would because I love it too, but there you go :)

    2. Noo! It's great! It's good to know at least one person is interested in my blog enough to read posts that aren't necessarily the most recent lol

  2. Oh, you have got to be way too nice to be a barrister! Obviously I'm biased but this is such a good idea for celebrating a blog birthday! Although now I feel even more guilty for not getting/making a card...

    And I totally agree with you about both getting the urge to text blog friends and having blog friends that know me better than many of my 'real' friends.

    And ALSO a scary amount of the books on my various wishlists are those that you've reviewed! I'm glad I'm not the only blog stalker :-p

    And ALSO (and lastly, I promise), I love both you and Booking in Heels as much as I love Durzo Blint!

    1. Oddly enough, you're not the first person to say that this week... The lady that runs the charity shop I work in only ever sees happy, non-ill, non-sarcastic, non-grumpy Hanna though, whereas you get grumpy and snide Hanna and still think I'm nice, bless you :p

      Wow, Durzo Blint? High praise indeed :)

  3. Happy first blogaversary! I didn't realize we'd started blogging nearly at the same time, my one year blogaversary is on June 4th. :)

    Jenny @ Books to the Sky

  4. Awww, if I wasn't in such a happy sappy mood this post would totally have made me cry, you lovely thing, you! *kicks her heels, digs into a bag of chocolate buttons and looks around Hanna's living room with interest*

    You may be interested to know that I have totally sended you a blogger birthday present. It should be with you soon! Also, I love that you read old posts and comment on them. I do that too! It's always nice when someone likes you enough to flit around your blog for a bit instead of just reading the newest post. I can while away HOURS doing that, it's one of the most fun bits!

    1. Oh Ellie! You absolutely should not have done that! You send me books ALL THE TIME. But bless you, and thank you.

      I know! I love looking at people's review archives :) I don't just want to know what they've just finished reading, I want to know about ALL THE BOOKS!

  5. Love you. <3

    And we met when you sent me an RAK! We just.. kept.. emailing. Ha. I remember it was weird becaue I found YOU when I was browsing the RAK list and wanted to send you something but I was too skint then you randomly found me. I always get excited when I have a Hanna email. *licks you*

  6. I love what book blogging has done for me and how many awesome people I've met doing it too! Here's to at least bother yeah for you Hanna and hopefully even more! :D *raises glass* (or coffee cup...)


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