In My Mailbox #27 – Shatter Me, Jenna Fox, Ill Wind and Jane’s Fame

Yeah, I like frogs. If you wind that one up, it waddles across the book 🙂
Anyway. The Adoration of Jenna Fox and Shatter Me were sent to me by Ruby of Ruby’s Reads. Not only did she host the Spring Book Exchange, she also ended up being my Santa! Makes me feel all warm and special inside 🙂 I’ve been desperate to read Shatter Me for what feels like forever, so I was more than a little excited when I opened the package. I did actually read The Adoration of Jenna Fox last year, but I never got round to buying a paper copy. Now I own it and I can see it on my shelf and smile lovingly.
Ill Wind is another of those that I’ve wanted to read for a while. I did borrow it from the library a few months ago, but it ended up being due back before I could get to it – isn’t that always the way? I saw a copy for £1.25 on the used book stall in the market though, so I scraped together every 5p I had in the bottom of my bag and took it home 🙂
Book cover for Jane's Fame by Claire HarmanBook cover for Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor

  These two were the product of my trip to Sheffield Library yesterday. I had no reservations due in (don’t you hate being sixth on the hold list?), so I actually had to, God forbid, browse.
After an unsuccessful wander round, I ended up in the Biography section. I don’t usually venture in, but to be honest, there were sofas in there and I was tired. I might have to visit more often though – I ended up with Jane’s Fame, a biography of Jane Austen and her works’ impact on society and Signs of Life by Natalie Taylor. I’d never heard of it before, but it seems to be a woman’s struggle to cope with the death of her husband and her newborn son. It sounds miserable, but it’s supposed to be quite funny.

What was in your mailbox this week?


  1. Michelle says:

    I love Rachael Caine, I have not read this series yet as I am waiting for all the UK covers to be released over here but I may just end up getting the US ones so I can read this series.
    Shatter Me has been on my wishlist for ages, I really need to pick up a copy of this.

    Enjoy your books and check out my IMM

  2. I have to forbid myself from going to the library unless I have holds in and then don't allow myself to browse because I always come away with too much! Signs of Life sounds interesting, looking forward to your thoughts on it.

  3. Jade says:

    I really would like to read Ill Wind, and Shatter me is awesome!"

    Happy reading!
    My mailbox

  4. Nick says:

    Shatter Me was awesome !
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

    Enjoy your lovely books !

    My IMM

  5. Dani says:

    Awesome selection of books this week!

    Thanks for sharing,
    My IMM for this week –

  6. Nerd Girls says:

    Tee hee, your wind up frog is cute! 🙂

    I loved Shatter Me. Enjoy your books!

    Jenny at Books to the Sky

  7. Ellie Warren says:

    I love the Weather Warden books, think I've read 5 of them so far, something a bit different in the urband fantasy genre. The Works usually has them in the 3 for a fiver offer too if you get hooked.

  8. Janiera says:

    I wasn't a huge fan of Shatter Me so I hope you like it better than I did. Happy Reading xo
    My IMM  

  9. Rubita says:

    But browsing is awesome! I wish there were some bookstores near me so I could browse. Right now I have to make do with the book section at Target. It's pathetic.

    So glad the books arrived safely!

  10. Hannah says:

    I kinda want Shatter Me. I've heard it's amaazing.. but there's something about it that just makes me "meh".

  11. Megan says:

    I'm hoping to read Shatter Me soon! Are you going to review it?

    Here is my IMM

    Happy reading!

    Megan (new follower!)

  12. Shatter Me has really caught my eye! I've heard such good things.

    Here's my IMM:

  13. You got Ruby as your Santa!?! Hahaa, that's awesome! I should have waited to get Shatter me on paperback – It's still in my to-read pile! Hope you enjoy all your new reads! <3

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