Sunday, 1 April 2012

In My Mailbox #26 - The Pledge, Mercy, Emerald Atlas and Eating Animals

Looks like we're having a green week at Booking in Heels! I get ridiculously over-amused whenever the books I've obtained in a week all match up :)

So. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer has already been read, reviewed and sent back to the library, because I'm awesome like that. Just don't tell the other library books, the ones that have been languishing on the shelf since January. They're a jealous lot and I'd rather not have a book riot on my hands...

What was I saying before the Goddess of Whimsical Musing intervened? Oh, books. I won The Emerald Atlas in a giveaway from Belle's Bookshelf, which really  brightened up my week. It's a beautiful book - a really dark green (my favourite colour) with gold, shiny font. You know, the type of book you just want to look at, never mind actually read.

I was so excited when The Pledge turned up - a review copy from Allison & Busby. I wanted it desperately when it was first released but I could never afford it, so now I can't wait to dive into it!

For some reason I've been in a major Jodi Picoult mood recently. I only really like her medical ethics ones like My Sister's Keeper or Handle With Care, but Mercy is about the legality of euthanasia. I've always been interested in medical law, so these books just fascinate me.

See what I got in my mailbox last week (including shoes!), or click here to link up your own! 


  1. Thanks for visiting my In My Mailbox, and for the sympathy regarding my silly technical malfunctions! I swear, I'm the only one in the world who takes an hour or two to film an IMM. Hehe.

    (I love your shoes from last week! LOVE.)

    I might have to go investigate the sexy cover of The Emerald Atlas. I've never read a Jodi Picoult book, but I've heard great things! Maybe I should!

    (Oh, and regarding Delirium... I was terrified I would hate it, but I loved it. I hope you do too!)

    Enjoy your books! :)

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl

    1. Start with My Sister's Keeper if you do pick up a Jodi Picoult. Not the film though - never the film. Say it with me - NOT THE FILM.

      I can't even explain how much I'm dying to read Delirium :)

  2. Oooh, I didn't know Kimberly Derting had a book called The Pledge. I think she's a great writer, so I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Just finished reading the pledge, really enjoyed it :) Hope you do too, happy reading!

  4. What a nice haul! I may have to add some of these to my TBR pile.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies!
    Dani C

  5. Oh, I own Eating Animals, too, but still haven't managed to read past the Prologue. >_< I think I shall read it this month!

    Happy Reading!

    Patricia // My IMM

  6. Ooh euthanasia? Perhaps not the right way to word that but I may have to add that one to the old wishlist.


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