Booking Through Thursday #4 – Literary Pet Peeves (read: ‘rants’)

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What are your literary “pet peeves”? 
What’s that? You want me to rant about things I irrationally dislike? Well, as much as I hate doing that… go on then.
1) Sneaky vampires (or aliens/angels/zombie-tigers)
It seems I can barely go a post without complaining about this, but hey – Do Not Annoy Me, And I Shall Not Rant.
Book cover of Black Swan Rising by Lee CarrollBy this, I mean creatures that pop up in the middle of books when the blurb didn’t even hint that they were invited to the party. Vampires are the most common offenders, and it was actually Black Swan Rising that kicked off my rant a few weeks ago, in a post kind of similar to this one.   

However, it’s not just vampires. It happens all the time. I admit sometimes it’s my own fault, like when I manage to completely ignore the informative subtitle and photo (*cough* Bound *cough*), but more often than not I’m innocent.
It’s not just paranormal fiction either, oh no! Even classic fiction has its offenders. I recently picked up Slaughterhouse 5, expecting a fairly standard anti-war historical fiction. And what did I find? Aliens.
I rest my case. 
2) Angsty melodrama
Book cover of Fury (Mercy series #4) by Rebecca LimPlease dear God, just stop crying!
I can’t stand books where the characters do nothing but wail, sob and desperately wring their hands. It’s usually a teenage thing, all the more frequently where one half of the partnership is a vampire/werewolf/demon and he loves a human girl but he’s too dangerous for her, and blah blah blah…
In Mercy by Rebecca Lim, I don’t think any character utters a sentence that isn’t sobbed or accompanied by some form of desperate wailing.
If you can’t stop whining, I swear I’ll give you something to cry about. 
3) Unnecessary love triangles 
Book cover of The Killables by Gemma Malley 
I don’t hate love triangles per se, although I do admit it’s the kind of thing I normally would. Instead, it just annoys me when romance is shovelled in to a book when the plot would be perfectly fine without. Better, even.
It irritates me further when the ridiculous heroine makes the blatantly wrong choice. I know a lot of the time it’s subjective, which is where the whole ‘Team This’ and ‘Team That’ thing comes from, but sometimes it’s just… not. Take The Killables, by Gemma Malley. Yeah, I actually quite liked it. But… wrong boy. Seriously. Without Any Form Of Doubt. 
4) Insta-Love
Book cover of Matched by Ally CondieIn the real world, people don’t usually suddenly catch sight of their childhood friend and realise they R in Luv 4Eva. In a lot of books, the couple declare their undying devotion after about five minutes of intense dislike.
It just doesn’t work like that! I just think that it might be giving young teenage girls slightly unrealistic expectations – I’ve overheard a few that don’t understand why their boyfriend won’t act like Edward or Daniel from Fallen. Answer: They don’t act like that, because people don’t act like that.
It’s also annoying when girls ‘fall in love’ with boys with no actual knowledge of said boy, just because they’re told not to. Sigh. Hello there, Matched.  
I got a little carried away, I know. For the record, I do actually like books 🙂 


  1. Lindsay says:

    I hear you on the insta-love. My least favorite trope is that everyone will marry someone they knew in high school. Not true, girls; not true!

  2. Book Dragon says:

    knew in high school? Yikes, I wouldn't want to be married to anyone I knew then!

    love your rants. One of mine is typos and I'm finding them in print as well as electronic. Spell check people! Oh, two, too and to type mistakes….grrr

  3. Ellie says:

    *Quietly passes Hanna some blood pressure control pills and a nice glass of whisky* I love your rants! 🙂

    I agree about typos as well – nothing jerks me out of an exciting book faster than stumbling across a jarring one and thinking "Huh, what?" It's like waking up too fast when your alarm goes off – you feel a bit disoriented and pretty pissed off! *takes back that glass of whisky*

  4. I love the rants too. I think my worst pet peeve is just… bad writing. Writing when they *tell* you everything, *show* you very little, and what they do show contradicts what the writer wants you to believe. Insta-love, check. Love triangles – can be done well but usually are just, well, yeurk. And unoriginality, when you read a book and realise you read something just like it a while back.

  5. Great topic!!!
    I agree on the unnecessary love triangles. I don't mind love triangles, but lately it seems every book has to have one. It starts to feel stale and predictable…

  6. Yes!!! I totally agree with you on insta-love. It's ridiculously unrealistic. What's wrong with just quickly explaining what's going on???

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