In My Mailbox #24

I suddenly seem to have a million books to read and absolutely no time to read them in, which is strange considering my complete and total lack of employment, education (although I’m working on that!) or social commitments.

Regardless, here are the books that have come into my house over the last fortnight.

For review:

I’ve actually finished reading Advent already, but I should have my review up in the next few days. I’m really grateful to Hodder & Stoughton for sending me a copy to review – it’s a great adventure story complete with magic, monsters and mystery.
Mum in a Million was part of a giveaway run by Orion – it’s finished now, but I contacted the winners this morning. I can’t wait to have a read of this just in time for Mother’s Day next weekend.

I’ve been kind of (read: ‘ridiculously’) skint lately, so I’ve been trying to not buy any books. I’ve been mostly successful, with only one lapse in resolve. In my defence, it was only £2.76 from Amazon and I’ve wanted it for a while. Plus, I can use it for Bex’s Telling Tales Reading Challenge!
The other book, Wither, is the result of my Dad taking pity on me in Tesco 🙂
From the library:

I’ve just this week achieved a victory that has been two years in the making – Lewis signed up for a library card. This achievement of tremendous proportions occurred after a stupidly long length of time of him sneaking books onto my library card and looking innocent when I didn’t have any slots left.
To celebrate, I picked these up for myself, after holding his hand while he talked to the scary librarian.

The Secret Life of Bletchley Park is a non-fiction book after a super-secret code-breaking unit in World War II. They recruited normal civilians and forced them to keep it a secret even from their loved ones.

Brave New World is one of the entires on my Project Fill in the Gaps list, so I couldn’t resist picking it up when I saw a really nice-looking Vintage Classics edition on the shelf.

So that’s me out for this week, but I’m expecting a few more this week – I think I’ll finally have to start piling my TBR books on the floor. It’s been a long time coming but I think the day is finally here! 🙂


  1. Not gonna lie, The Godmother looks awesome in that sort of throwback fantasy way. I LOVE IT.

    Happy reading 🙂

    My IMM

    1. Hanna says:

      That's EXACTLY what I thought – I'm in the mood for some retro-ish fantasy! 😀

  2. Ellie says:

    Congratulations on your library victory! I've got that edition of BRAVE NEW WORLD too, I'm looking forward to finally getting to it one of these decades… I'll keep an eye out for your review of WITHER too, I haven't succumbed to that one yet but there's still time! 🙂

    1. Hanna says:

      What, after your so successful attempt at Bumped? :p

  3. Hannah says:

    Advent: Pretty.

    Wither: Want. And your dad sounds as awesome as mine.

    Brave New World: I actually have a pretty old Vintage edition of this book but it's back in Leicester! I'm gonna have to grab it when I pop back to visit.

  4. Christina says:

    That edition of Brave New World goes on the list of the ugliest book covers I have ever seen in my life. What were they thinking?

    Enjoy Wither! It's so good!

    Here's my IMM:

    1. Hanna says:

      I don't know, I don't mind so much. It looks better in person though – it has a bright red spine, and that tones it down somehow!

      To be fair, I've never seen a cover of Brave New World that ISN'T ugly 🙂

  5. Ellie Warren says:

    Hurrah for pity buys! I have Wither lurking on the Kindle but I do love that cover.

  6. This comment makes for a very complicated three-way ramble-fest but I'm doing it anyway! Forgive me if I get confused; I have a cold and it's making me incoherent.

    I saw Wither on my wander round Waterstones the other day and was quite tempted by it. In the end, I figured that if I was going dystopian with The Hunger Games, I should probably exercise some restraint and not buy Wither too. Unlikely but true.

    Advent looks nifty and I'm a sucker for both magic and monsters. Sold!

    And also I want The Godmother. Although it does look as though it was published before 1994. Either that or I'm intentionally repressing how long ago 1994 so that I can forget how old that makes me. Probably the latter! 🙂

    1. Hanna says:

      Tesco have Wither for £4 and The Works have it for £2.99, so don't buy it from Waterstones! I wouldn't have paid full price for it, to be honest. I haven't really looked at at it yet, but I'm vaguely apprehensive in case it has that horrible clunky writing style that goes with some YA books. But it might not! *crosses fingers*

      Is there a significance to 1994? Is this the date beyond which all Good Books are published? :p Just noticed there was a new edition published this year, but hey ho. I actually prefer this, and retro fantasy books deserve slightly fusty covers.

      This is the third simultaneous conversation we have going, you know – my blog, your blog and e-mail :p

    2. Ha – no, no significance to 1994! It just looks more like a book cover from earlier than the 90s to me, is how I probably should have phrased it! (See? Me having a cold = me writing nonsense!) It is actually rather a nothing point on reflection…

      I do love the slightly fusty cover – it's charming! When I first started the Wheel of Time series, I bought them all in the fusty versions(like this one) because I so preferred them to the boring black covers BUT then the arguably quite naff versions were all discontinued and now I'm left with a series that is half retro/half modern that upsets me no end when I see it on my shelf! I think my mission over the next few years might be to hunt down the old-school copies…

    3. Hanna says:

      Eh, conversations would be boring if they only consisted of Something Points!

      And I know! That's EXACTLY how I feel. I loathe when they change covers halfway through. They did that with Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom For Sale series – I now have the first five in the charming fusty old covers and one god-awful modern one, because they stopped making the old ones. Grr.

  7. Coranne says:

    The Godmother looks pretty awesome- I am going to have to check it out!!

    Happy Reading!

    Short and Sweet Reviews

  8. Tara says:

    TESCO. I miss living in England SO MUCH. But Wither is truly genuinely amazing. I hope you like it – you'll want to pick up Fever right away!

    Tara @ Hobbitsies

  9. I've heard good things about Advent, so I hope you enjoy it, Hanna! Have a great week! 🙂

  10. I really want to read Advent. Looking forward to seeing what you thought of it.

  11. You've got a nice haul this week! FYI, I'm co-hosting/participating in a Wither/Fever Read-Along that starts this Sunday, the 18th. You should totally participate! Here's the link for more info if you're interested: Catch Wither Fever Read-Along Event. Happy reading!

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