Bloggiesta 2012!

So most of you will know how terribly, terribly bad I am at putting off things I keep meaning to do. Booking appointments, paying bills, sending cards… they all fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, since there’s no such event as a Life-iesta (yet), I’m going to settle for getting my life together at Booking in Heels instead.

Bloggiesta is an event that aims to motivate bloggers to eventually do what they’ve always meant to, along with meeting loads of great new bloggers and maybe learning something new at the same time.

It runs from March 30th to April1st, and you can sign up here.

This is what I’m hoping to get done this weekend:

  • Finish displaying the other places my blog can be found – Facebook, etc.
  • Somehow make my sidebar prettier
  • Organise my review archive better
  • Attach Amazon Associate links
  • Improve page-to-page linking
  • Wrap-up challenge post 
  • Create a button

Update #1 – Mini Challenge #1 – SEOing, Mini Challenge #2 – Writing Reviews Faster and updating my sidebar.

Update #2 – Mini Challenge #3 – Backing Up My Blog, Mini Challenge #4 – Social Media Buttons and I also wrote my challenge wrap-up post.



  1. Beth says:

    I am so looking forward to Bloggiesta. I have so much I need to do. Good luck! And if you figure out Amazon Associate links pls let me know 😀

    1. Hanna says:

      I know how to use it, I just need to start linking up! Took me forever to work out how to align it with the text though…

  2. It's interesting to see what everyone is planning to do on their blogs over the weekend – I'm getting tons of new ideas too 🙂


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