Bloggiesta 2012 – Update #2

Mini-Challenge #3 

The Book Vixen challenged us all to back up our blogs this weekend. Can you believe that I’ve never ever done that, despite Booking in Heels being nearly a year old? Well, I now have completely backed up design layouts and post content, aren’t you proud of me? 🙂

Mini-Challenge #4

This was actually on my own list of things to do this weekend as well. But, ladies and gentlemen, if you direct your gaze to the upper right, you will see a shiny new row of SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS.

Try not to be too impressed. I am but human.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Book Challenge Wrap-Up

One of the things I’d planned to get done this weekend was write up my quarterly progress report for participants of my challenge. 

I managed to get this done only a few minutes ago, despite all those book titles starting to blur together by the end. Don’t believe me? Here it is! 


  1. How weird! I backed up my blog this afternoon too!

    I don't think it would have occurred to me to do it until I went to log on and it gave me a crazy error message and I freaked out a bit (*ahem*A LOT). As soon as it came back up, it was the first thing I did. Weird how I've spent a good 18 months working on it and never backed it up but that I barely go half an hour at work without saving stuff…

    1. Hanna says:

      I think I'd immediately keel over in a faint if I got an error message here. If Blogger lost everything and you didn't have a back-up, would you start up again?

      I know! I'm a compulsive Ctrl-S-er with everything else – essays, documents, Sims games… *cough*

    2. It was not fun. While frantically pressing 'Refresh', I was also wondering about whether I would actually start all over again. I kind of think that I would because I have a lot of the bits and pieces saved to my computer (like logos and headers and things) so it wouldn't be QUITE like the first time. And a lot of my reviews are also on GoodReads so…I don't know. A lot of work but I'd miss it if I didn't have it so I'm sure I'd cave eventually if I didn't restart right away.

      Fortunately, it got fixed so I can breathe again!

  2. Sim says:

    I've been informally following Bloggiesta – too lazy to post the Ole graphic – ha ha!
    I LOVE your social media buttons. How did you do that? Also, when people post comments on my site, I just get the default blank head no images. How do I get the little images to show up? Like I assume you are looking at my face next to this comment. On my blog, nope!

  3. Hanna says:

    The social network buttons were actually really easy. If you go to this website –

    Choose some buttons that you like, and then save them to your computer. Then insert them into your sidebar using HTML and then link them up to your Twitter/Facebook pages. If you e-mail me I can probably help you better, show you the HTML. It was so easy I can't believe I hadn't done it before, haha!

    As for the little comment images, I have no idea I'm afraid 🙁

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