IMM #16

Right, so this is my first ever V-log. I apologise for the silly light now, but I’ll work something better out for next time, if I do one. I’m not sure how this will go down, so do let me know!
I’m also aware of the speed-of-light pace in which I talk and the gloominess of the light, but I didn’t have time to rerecord! Not too bad for a first try though, right? 


  1. Hannah says:

    You sound a little bit like my friend's girlfriend but with more pronounced vowels and consonants! (She's from.. Bradford? I believe)

    Anyway, yay vlog! Really wish I could do them. Hoping to beg a cheap laptop for Christmas or something, perhaps then.. if my begging works. It probably won't. But we'll see!

    I have One Day! I won it in a giveaway a few months ago and *shock horror* haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Mine's the World Book Night edition but I actually really like the film cover. I usually HATE film covers but that one is really well done. Looking forward to reading it, it sounds very good. Have you heard of Eleven by Mark Watson? It's supposedly a similar idea. Very good. I was supposed to get a review copy from Simon & Schuster but I ended up not having time so I never ended up properly requesting it and it was one of those "one week only" loans in the library (grr). And look at all of that bookshelf space!! My book area is so cramped. 😐

  2. Hanna says:

    That's because, my dear Hannah, I am from Bradford! 😀

    I enjoyed doing it, but I really need to work on the quality. The light was bad though because I didn't do it until about 9pm so maybe next time it'll be a daytime job. Definitely beg! It's my turn to stalk you now! Maybe buy a USB webcam instead?

    I know, I really like the film cover too. Definitely prefer it to the orange one. I haven't heard of Eleven yet, but I'll go research it in a minute 🙂 Ugh, I hate one week loans nearly as much as 'Book Club Only' loans lol.

    Ha, those shelves go right to the other wall. One of my conditions for moving back to Bradford was new book shelves 🙂

  3. Can't turn on the sound on my laptop right now, so trying to see what you got just from the books you're holding up.. lol..

    I can't tell what the first book is but I like the look of the cover! 😛

    Michele | My IMM

  4. Hanna says:

    @Michele – It's Pride and Prejudice 🙂 I collect different editions, you see. Next time I'll be sure to post a list underneath and work on the visibility.

  5. Hannah says:

    Haha. But if the light was good you wouldn't have been doing the "doo doo doo" head-bobbing thing. :p

    Mine might be USB? I can't remember, it's ancient and cheap and I can't get microphones to work on my pc anyway. We've tried several and it's definitely unmuted and they work fine on Dan's pc. That made raiding a little awkward!

    Yeah me too. Mine's a miniscule version of the orange one, it's much cleaner looking but I'd rather the movie cover. Ah well, same book, and it was free so I can deal! And me too. They had all the good books. 🙁

    Haha. When we finally get a place, that will definitely be one of my conditions. To begin with, I'll have a pile of boxes. Dan's not letting me take too many books with me. *cry*

  6. Hanna says:

    @Hannah – The 'doo doo doo' head-bobbing thing? Well NOW I feel dignified :p

    I like how you put it 'it's definitely unmuted!' A patronising conversation you've had before, perhaps?

    Ha, when we move we have a deal – one book for every two films. Lewis has a massive DVD collection so it's only fair 🙂 Oh, and my Pride and Prejudices to be displayed in the living room.

  7. Hannah says:

    Hahaha. If it helps that's one of the mannerisms that I mentioned that I do. :p

    Oh so many times. I know a few tech geeks. Apparently I'm a lesser person for not owning a smartphone or wireless internet!

    Oh dear. I'm the one with the massive DVD collection here. Dan has those space saving portable case thingies for his! My books are the worst though. Hmmm.. Need to donate a few.

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