Has Carrie Fisher DIED or something!?

Right, obviously many of you know it’s easy to find out how people are accessing your blog. The obvious assumption would be that potential readers are googling ‘reading,’ ‘libraries,’ or even some form of shoe to get here.

But no. Apparently Google thinks my blog is a psychotically obsessed fansite for Carrie Fisher, when in fact, I’ve mentioned her once in a review of her autobiography here.  A huge percentage of my hits come from Fisher-esque searches. Look –

But why!? I honest-to-god went and checked to see if she’d died a few days ago. She hasn’t, which means there’s some other reason every single person in the entire world is desperate to read about Carrie’s book. 
As a result, it’s pretty much the only blog post of mine people are reading. Look at the huge difference in viewers!

And yes, I realise that this post is only going to make it worse, as now Booking In Heels has two Fisher-related articles. Since one post meant that everybody and their robot visited, I assume that the Internet will now explode due to the tremendous horde of Princess Leia fans that will stampede to my website.

But hey, I find it hugely amusing. Anybody else get weird trends in their views?


  1. I found this a little while ago and my traffic stats etc were pretty odd – the vast majority of searches leading to my blog were Dorian Gray related! I did one post in April and it's still far and away the most popular..although I suppose that is a little less random than Carrie Fisher! Also among popular search terms were 'daffodils'(!) and 'words' (which seems a little general…).

    I also learnt that the website from which I get the second highest amount of traffic was something called 'jobsforsmartpeople.com'. Haven't the faintest idea why!!

  2. Haha! Hanna it's so funny how sometimes people find your blog from weird and wonderful searches. I have one which comes up every week – metropolitan police prescribed first greeting,- which was a quote from Ben Aaronovitch book. Now, why would you search for it?!

  3. Jillian says:

    Haha funny. The most searched for my stats is – Harry Potter costumes.


  4. Hanna says:

    @ Lit Addicted Brit – 'Daffodils?' Really!? Alright, you win that one – that IS weird. I just don't understand how one post from months ago can be miles more popular than one from the day before. Ugh, I give up.

    Jillian – Harry Potter costumes!? That's awesome and strange, all at the same time…

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