In My Mailbox #9

Well, it looks like my book buying craze has dragged to a halt. That’s partly because I have so many unread books that my TBR shelf won’t hold them, but mainly due to my lack of income until the government get their arse in gear.

So that’s why I’m super happy with the two R.A.K.s I got this week!

The Magicians was a complete surprise! It just turned up one day in a nice Amazon box as a R.A.K. from Sarah at Life In A Break Down. I’d had a crap week, so it was awesome to come home to such a great gift. Thanks again Sarah!

I already knew that Vilija was going to send me Thirteen Reasons Why, but that doesn’t make it any less great! It’s the Lithuanian cover too – much nicer than the UK version.

I’ve wanted to read Uglies for a good few years now, but for some reason I’ve started trying to get hold of it again. You know, without doing anything as obscene as actually buying it. I managed to swap a book for it on Read it Swap it – one I’d been trying to get rid of for ages now, so I’m pleased!

It seems to have been a very YA-centered week, doesn’t it? You know you’re broken when receiving three books in one week doesn’t seem like a lot…


  1. Hannah says:

    I know what you mean, sadly. I was just happy that until today when I broke (I'd planned to put that tenner in the bank for other things, silly me) I spent 2 weeks not buying myself anything!

    I wouldn't mind reading The Magicians myself, keep hearing great things about it, and Scott Westerfield is a fantastic writer. I haven't picked up Uglies yet, but yeah.

  2. Woah, that's a cool cover of Uglies!! I loved that book 🙂 I hope you enjoy everything you got!

    Here's my IMM!

  3. I just recently read The Magician and Thirteen Reasons Why myself. I look forward to hearing what you think of them. I haven't read Uglies yet, but it is on my shelf because I picked up a copy of it from Books A Million on their dollar shelf!!! Needless to say, I was quite thrilled with that find.
    I have slowed down with buying books for myself too, my shelves are overflowing. But sometimes you find a deal you just can't pass up!

  4. melissa says:

    some great titles 13 reasons why? i feel was so thought provoking and a little sad. thanks for sharing your IMM

  5. Cherry says:

    You're waiting for the government to get their arse in gear?! Oh man, that'll be a bloody long wait!…

  6. justalillost says:

    Thirteen Reasons Why is on my to-read list too.. friend just finished it & loved it.

    Uglies looks interesting!

    Here's my IMM! –>

  7. Great set! I can't wait to see what you think of The Magicians. I really want to read it.
    My IMM

  8. Kristin says:

    You got a nice list of books this week in your mailbox. I really want to read 13 Reasons Why.
    I hope you like your new books,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

  9. Sash and Em says:

    13 Reasons Why is a great read. Hope you love it!

    Check out Sash's IMM!
    Also check out our AWESOME giveaways!

  10. 13 Reasons Why is so amazing, I hope you like it!

    My IMM is over here if you want to check it out. 🙂


  11. I've seen The Magicians around a lot lately. And the sequel. I've read good things about both. I loved 13 Reasons Why!! So great! I have Uglies too, got it from Paperback Swap, but my cover isn't as cool.

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM!

  12. Uglies is one of my favorite YA dystopian novels, and I do hope you enjoy it too. I have loved Thirteen reasons why, it's a book perfect for discussions. And I hadn't seen this cover for The Magicians, bur I like it!

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