In My Mailbox #10

Not only is this rather late, it was completely non-existent last week so this post is for the last fortnight’s bookly intake. What can I say, I’m a rebel.

First off, the lovely Ellie from Musings of a Bookshop Girl sent a £10 Amazon voucher for my birthday at the beginning of August, but I prohibited myself from using it until I’d unpacked a decent amount of boxes from my decent move. Well, that didn’t exactly pan out, but I at least got a semi-decent amount done before I caved. Anyway, this is the result:

 I borrowed The Forest of Hands and Teeth from the library a fortnight or so ago and loved it (my review is here) so I took the opportunity to buy both that and the sequel for myself.

French Milk is a bit of a strange one – it’s a the graphic novel of a 23 year old’s trip to Paris with her mother. I’m going through a bit of a graphic novel phase and I love Paris, so why wouldn’t I want this? I’ve had a quick flick through already and it looks adorable.

As for 0.4, I only came across it when I was about to check out with the other three. And then, what do you know, it magically sneaked into my cart when I wasn’t looking! Don’t you hate when books do that? I’ve never seen it featured anywhere before, but apparently it’s something to do with the discovery of some recordings of a boy as the previous world ended. Or something.

It must be my lucky month, because this was sent to me as another birthday present/R.A.K. this time by Hannah of Once Upon A Time.
With the film version with Daniel Radcliffe coming out next year, I really wanted to reread it, and Hannah was nice enough to send me the Vintage edition to match all my other books 🙂
I’ve read it already but I haven’t reviewed it yet because I was in the foulest mood you’ve ever seen was too busy. Today is set to be a productive day though, so watch this space!
Ellie and Hannah are two of the nicest, friendliest bloggers I’ve ever come across so a massive thanks to them both *waves*
These two are from Readit Swapit. I hadn’t heard of either of these before, but they were on somebody else’s ‘to swap’ list and I figured I’d give them a go.  
The Camomile Lawn is one of those coming of age during WWII stories. I’ll read it at some point, but I’m not particularly desperate. Unless someone wants to tell me how amazing it is?
Haroun and the Sea of Stories however, looks right up my street. I’ve never read anything by Salman Rushdie before, but it looks a good place to start.
From GoodReads – Haroun’s father is the greatest of all storytellers. His magical stories bring laughter to the sad city of Alifbay. But one day something goes wrong and his father runs out of stories to tell. Haroun is determined to return the storyteller’s gift to his father. So he flies off on the back of the Hoopie bird to the Sea of Stories – and a fantastic adventure begins.

Finally, I went crazy in the library. I know four books isn’t crazy per se, but it is when you not only have a wall-to-wall TBR shelf, but a pile of books next to it that’s won’t fit. Crazy I tell you.

I don’t even know where to begin telling you about these, because I yanked them all off the shelves with no prior inclination to read them. I think I’m most excited about Babylon’s Ark – it’s the story of Baghdad Zoo and how Iraqi and American soldiers united to protect the animals from looting and stray gunfire.
On Stranger Tides is the book that the new Pirates of the Caribbean film is supposed to be based on. Looking at the blurb, they don’t seem that similar, but I guess that’s not exactly a bad thing…
I Want Those Shoes seem to be half shoe-related non-fiction and half chick-lit. My one stereotypically feminine trait is my love of shoes, which is clearly obsessive enough for me to want to read a damn book about them.


  1. I've actually never tried to read a graphic novel before!

  2. Hannah says:

    Aww *waves back* 🙂

  3. Kristin says:

    Nice set of books this week. The Dead-Tossed Waves looks like a good book.
    Happy reading,
    Book Sniffers Anonymous

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