I Have To Own This #1

I’m a sucker for book-related merchandise, I admit it. I’m also a sucker for desperately wanting something and then not being able to locate the link when payday finally rolls round. So this semi-regular post will hopefully have the dual-purpose of filling you all with bookish lust and allowing me to find the damn things if (read: when) I’ve decided that I can’t possible live without them.

These are all from Evie’s Teesand I need them. If I don’t get one of these within three weeks, I think I’m going to spontaneously combust and I’ll just be a little heap of pink dust ad sad longing.
I can’t decide which though. I prefer the Harry Potter ones to the Percy Jackson one (although that’s still awesome), so I’d probably start with the Marauder one.
The same shop has some Hunger Game t-shirts too, but I’m more lusing after…
this. It’s from Amazon, of all places. I definitely want the above Potter-y t-shirts first, but then I have a voucher for Amazon.COM and for some reason these aren’t on the UK website. We Britons want our fill of Hunger Games Goodness too, you know!


  1. Raimy-rawr says:

    wow these are AWESOME! I want the Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs one!

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