Hanna’s Saturday Wishlist

Like most of you, I have a wishlist the length of the Nile or, at the very least, the River Severn. It’s long. Most of them will never see the light of day as they were added on a whim or a reading phase I’ve gotten bored of, or have been so trampled on by the newer additions that they languish on page eight, completely forgotten about.

However, Carolyn from Book Chick City has a solution to make all those neglected wishlistees feel loved again. Each week, she posts a few of those books that one day (one day, God damn it!) she will eventually buy.

I have as much guilt over not yet introducing those unloved tomes to my shelves as anyone, so here’s part #1 of my now-weekly Wishlist. These are three books that I might have eventually got round to owning by 2019. Maybe.

Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture by Peggy Orenstein.

This book is supposed to examine the apparent pressure society puts on the little girls to wear pink, act like a princess and cover themselves in glitter. It’s not an issue that’s ever concerned me admittedly, but I do find the concept interesting.

I probably will be buying this soon as it’s a recent (relatively!) addition to the wishlist so I’m waving it at you while I have the chance.

Dearest Anne: A Tale of Impossible Love by Judith Katzir.

This one, however, has been on my wishlist since The Dawn Of Time. I can’t even remember where I found it, but I’ve had my interest re-awakened since rereading the Amazon page.

From Amazon – ‘After reading Anne Frank’s diary, young Rivi starts a series of writing notebooks that document the angst of growing up in rural Israel. The entries reveal how her crush on her literature teacher develops into a poignant and turbulent love affair that lasts for years before its scandalous end.’

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

I’ve been dying to read this for ages now, but I’m too poor to indulge in book-buying at the minute and there’s a massive waiting list for it at the library. I might have to bite the bullet anyway though – I’ve heard it’s amazing.

From Amazon – ‘Katniss Everdeen is a survivor. She has to be; she’s representing her District, number 12, in the 74th Hunger Games in the Capitol, the heart of Panem, a new land that rose from the ruins of a post-apocalyptic North America. To punish citizens for an early rebellion, the rulers require each district to provide one girl and one boy, 24 in all, to fight like gladiators in a futuristic arena. The event is broadcast like reality TV, and the winner returns with wealth for his or her district.’

So. Those are three of the books tempting me to empty out my already-crying-in-shame bank balance. What’s on your wishlist?


  1. I really want to read the Hunger Games too and ironicly I have the first book on my shelf already. Only problem is that I haven't had the time to read it yet because of other books that's always "getting in the way" 🙂

    But I'm gonna read it someday 'cause it seems like The Hunger Games has a lot of fans!:)

  2. Hanna says:

    If I had it on my shelf, nothing would be getting in my way! I want to read it so badly it almost hurts… 🙂

  3. I just had to return Cinderella Ate My Daughter to the library and I was only partly finished. I'm now waiting impatiently for it to come in again as I instantly put it back on hold. It is an interesting read!

  4. pussreboots says:

    I have to add Cinderella Ate My Daughter to my wishlist.

    This week I actually crossed more wishes off my list than I added. Come see what I've read.

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