Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

A very short and vague review because I have to admit, I didn’t actually finish this book. I probably could have struggled through to the end if I wanted to, but… I just didn’t. 
From Amazon – ‘Another outing for the classic legend of the boy who journeys to the stars to defeat an alien horde and save the human race. Ender Wiggin is Battle School’s latest recruit. His teachers reckon he could become a great leader. And they need one. A vast alien force is headed for Earth: its mission, the annihilation of all human life. Ender could be our only hope. But first he must survive the most brutal military training programme in the galaxy.’
This is one of those books where the only way you can describe it is to shrug your shoulders and say it’s ‘fine.’ There’s just nothing special about it, positively or negatively. The characters are incredibly one-dimensional, the story is predictable and the setting is dull. 
I did enjoy the introduction, where the concept of children being continuously monitored for their military suitability is first explained. I liked how Ender was forced into certain situations to test his reactions, thought processes and strategies. Unfortunately my interest waned drastically after he left home until I just didn’t care anymore. 
It’s very rare that I don’t finish a book once I’ve started, but it got to the point where I’d read a page and then wander off to play LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, cook something, phone my Mum… And hell, it’s a YA book – the pages are hardly long.
It’s strange though – looking at the Amazon reviews, you’d think it was the best book in the entire world. It has 105 five star reviews, 9 four star and only 11 that are any less than that. I just don’t understand!


  1. I hate it when books don't make you connect with them. There really is nothing worse.
    But great, honest review. New follower!

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